Mock Draft Picks 1-15

Mock Draft Picks 1-15

By: JonWils5

This so far seems to be one of the most complicated and debatable drafts in a while. I think it is simple to say that Clowney is the best talent in the draft, but with that being said he isn't the clear cut to be the number one overall pick. The guy could drop down to 5 or 6 in some drafts. I know that is a stretch but that's what makes this draft so interesting as of right now. The combine coming up February 22-25 will answer a lot of questions for owners and GM's, as well as bloggers like us. With all this being said this is my take on the first 15 picks of the 2014 Draft as of right now. I will do this draft without trades, but I don't think there is any doubt there will be moves within the first fifteen picks this year and easily it could be our Raiders making a move. So here we go.

#1 Overall (Houston Texans)

Blake Bortles- QB (UCF)


This may be an eye raiser to some but I think will Bill O'Brien coming in this year and the prototypical size that any QB guru would fall in love with (6'4 229) makes this pick logical. I know some argue that he only threw screen passes and short passes, but the guy flat out made that program what It was this year. Yeah his two toughest games were at Louisville then the Fiesta Bowl against Baylor but in those games he showed a good confidence and leadership on that team to lead that program to one of the best years ever in school history.

#2 Overall (St. Louis Rams)

Greg Robinson- OT Auburn


A pick that I feel pretty comfortable about for the St. Louis Rams because of Roger Saffold and Chris Williams becoming unrestricted free agents and that this is a good value pick for them. Jake Long will be coming off of ACL injury and if he comes back healthy they have two cornerstones on that offensive line to protect against the tough defenses in the NFC West. This guy produced on a consistent basis in that offense and with St. Louis trying to improve there run game this guy will step in and make an immediate impact.

#3 Overall (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Teddy Bridgewater- QB Louisville


The Jaguars are in a huge need of a quarterback and to simply put some energy back in there franchise and start heading in the right way. Bridgewater has proved his stellar accuracy in the short to mid passing game and the guy just simply knew how to win in college and be consistent. I know he didn't play in the toughest conference but the week to week grind of college football is tough in any Div. 1 conference and he played consistently all year. Jag fans should be excited about this guy coming there way and have brighter days to look forward too.

#4 Overall (Cleveland Browns)

Johnny Manziel- QB Texas A&MJohnny-manziel2_medium

The Browns simply need someone to get excited about, and Johnny Football is the perfect answer. Another thing exciting for Cleveland is they have Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron waiting for him to come into town. A new younger coach in Mike Pettine (47) there is a glimmer of youth and possibly promise with Johnny coming into town. The fans will have to deal with his so called attitude problems, but if he is creating big plays and more wins he will be accepted with open arms.

#5 Overall (Oakland Raiders)

Jadeveon Clowney- DE South Carolina O-jadeveon-clowney-facebook_medium

We as the Oakland Raiders have to be licking our chops in this situation. For Clowney to drop to us this far is big for us because we have Atlanta right behind us in a huge need of a pass rusher and we could easily trade back here to pick up a pick or two in the later rounds. But with that being said I'm not including trades in this draft and having Clowney on one side of DL and probably Houston on the other we have young possibly dominant talent that could bring back the "Black & Silver" toughness and demeanor. To some this may be a surprise he is here for us, but come draft day this is a possibility.

#6 Overall (Atlanta Falcons)

Jake Matthews- OT Texas A&MJake-matthews3_medium

A guy that will step in right away for the Falcons and protect Matty Ice, and as well help in the run game. I know Atlanta needs a pass rusher but I'm not sold on Barr or Mack going here because Matt Ryan is there franchise and keeping him protected is simply the biggest thing for them. This guy is easily a top 5 talent in this draft and a great value pick for the Falcons. May not be the flashy pick for all the Falcons fans but this guy has all the reasons to be come a All Pro tackle in the future.

#7 Overall (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Khalil Mack- LB Buffalo


This guy is jumping out a lot of people with his raw ability and also his capability of playing on all three downs for the Bucs. This guy is going to step in on the linebacking crew with the young Lovante David and solidify youth and productivity for years to come. This guy helps tremendously in the run, but also can rush the passers from all angles. I like this guy as just a true nit and grit football player and will help that Buccaneers defense out tremendously.

#8 Overall (Minnesota Vikings)

Anthony Barr- LB UCLA


A raw athletic LB who doesn't have the same experience at this position as most players do in the draft but this guy can flat out cause disruption. He will be able to step in immediately and produce but also learn a lot with there new DC (Ray Horton) and could emerge as one of the best players down the road out of this draft. There may need to be some patience with some of his mistakes that comes with his youth and also his inexperience at this position, but Vikings fans should be excited about this guy and what the future holds for him.

#9 Overall (Buffalo Bills)

C.J Mosley- LB Alabama


I know Buffalo drafted Kiko Alonso last year and he has made a good name for himself and could've won DROY without Sheldon Richardson playing so well. These two are both ILB's but I'm an avid Oregon Ducks fan and watched all of Kiko's game and I don't think there is any doubt he can move outside and solidify that linebacking crew for years to come and add a toughness to the defense along with Mario Williams. This defense if able to resign Jarius Byrd would become very scary on a week to week basis.

#10 Overall (Detroit Lions)

Sammy Watkins- WR Clemson


Now this is scary if the board was to fall this way. I don't really see it happening but with the picks before this would be an unbelievable duo of Megatron and Sammy Watkins. I know this defense isn't the best but with Watkins being available at 10 the Lions have to pounce on this opportunity. Stafford will have all the tools to succeed now he just has to use his weapons right and that offense will be tough to match up against. Lions fans would be jumping for joy if this outcome happened.

#11 Overall (Tennessee Titans)

Taylor Lewan- OT Michigan


This guy played with that tough mentality at Michigan and may not be the most physically attractive of all the players but this guy will step in at the LT and produce and protect whatever QB will be there in the future whether it is Locker or someone down the road. This guy is known as a great run blocker that would excite Chris Johnson but he may be out the door before he plays another game in a Titans uniform. This is a good pick for the Titans its an immediate draft and play player.

#12 Overall (New York Giants)

Timmy Jernigan- DT Florida St.


A defense that forced the 6th least sacks in the NFL and wasn't the best against the run game. This guy makes sense for the Giants because he can do so much for the Giants against the run and the pass. Watching him in the National Championship game was impressive how dominant he was and I like this guy as a football player. He will fit in with the Giants right away and make an immediate impact. The Giants fans should be jumping for joy with this pick and hope that Eli can get back on track and have this team competing for the top in the NFC East.

#13 Overall (St. Louis Rams)

Mike Evans- WR Texas A&M


I could've went several different ways with this pick going FS with Dix or even going DT with Nix or Donald but the value of this pick is huge for the Rams and with the drafting of Evans it also helps out last years first round pick Tavon Austin. This team has a lot to look forward in the coming years, but the big problem for them is the division they have to play in. I would say there two years away from battling for NFC Championships for quite a while. I like this pick and so should Rams fans.

#14 Overall (Chicago Bears)

Louis Nix III- DT Notre Dame


Chicago has a lot of roster decisions to make this offseason with several free agents to be including Henry Melton, Nate Collins, Jay Ratliff, and Corey Wootton. Louis Nix III can help turn that defense into a stout run defense. He isn't the most physically attractive guy but he is a BIG BIG BIG man that eats up a lot of space and can help open up things for the rest of the defense to create and get back to being a defense they want to be. He will be able to step in right away and play.

#15 Overall (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Justin Gilbert- CB Oklahoma St.


I believe this is a good value and good need pick for the Steelers. There secondary has started to become somewhat shaky with Ike Taylor and William Gay and I think Gilbert is a flat out stud. He can step in right away and play at least as a nickel corner but I think he has a great chance to start outside and move Taylor or Gay inside to take the pressure off of them. This is a good pick for the Steelers and will help tremendously and fit right in.

Well that is it for the first fifteen picks. I'm sure people will have different outlooks on this draft but I think this is reasonable for now and is definitely subject to change. I'm interested to hear your feedback both positive and negative. Thanks for reading, and Go Raiders!

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