Settling down here in Mexico on my annual vacation - I am reflecting concerning the Raiders first day of action in this year's FA period.

I am making the notes as I see progress in our moves

1. Allowing our FA's to leave - we have no hold over them. I am sure there were fair market offers to all of them, but, like most in the modern NFL they go for the money, No real surprises here for me. I would have loved Jennings again, but he is not the game breaker that we need, We only want them if they want to be here!

2. Roger Saffold signing - this is a sure tell that my first inkling concerning our own leaving was true. He is not JV - he is better, younger and more versatile. Whether he plays at a pro-bowl level at LG or is Veldheerian in his play at LT is inconsequential. He is an upgrade. we will have him for his peak years. This was a good signing - especially concerning JV's jettison (oh and his Mom is going as well - bye!)

3. McFadden signing - surprised by this one I assure you. The more I think on it, however, the more I like it - its a one year "make or break" type which will finally see him go forward or go away. He loves being a Raider and if the niks are correct last week, several other teams fell short of bringing this "elite talent" aboard.

4. Austin Howard visit - this is awesome. Even if he is seeking the big payday - we can deliver. My heart dances with thoughts of him signing, and us drafting Jake Matthews at #5. JM, RS, Wiz, Watson, Howard OL would be a fearsome one in all respects. Even if Saffold is the LT and we get Howard - add: Watkins and Yankey in the draft - I dream on - Reggie get him signed.

5. On the Revis rumoring - I like it in all respects. If it is a ploy to bottle up the Browns money and keep them off the rest of the FA's - great. If it is to let him know we are available to pay lots of money if he is released - great! If it is to let all available FA's we are serious buyers - great. Keep it up RM - we only want them if they want to be here.

6. Those we missed on - it is clear that Scott Pioli from KC days made a strong impression - look at all the Chief's players he has signed on in Atlanta! I wonder how their fans are reacting? I was hoping for Linval Joseph, but not at 6 mil. Same with Solial and Jackson - jeeessh! Get ready to see Sims and Walker re-signed again! lol!

Now, I know a lot of Nation is overreacting today and crying in their soup, but I choose to look at the choices people make and their consequences. I am happy for JV, LH and Jennings - they made their beds and we, will re-make ours - our way!

These are my early observations - as time permits, I will chime back in when we have made other moves as I hourly expect we will. Those open to non emotional dialogue please respond. Let's keep the negativity on other posts. I really hope there are few who will keep their minds open to discuss the possibilities!

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