The Nation tricked me

Yesterday in the early afternoon, like most Raider fan's, I was overly frustrated and disgusted by what ESPN was reporting.

Veldheer walked, Houston walked, Jennings walked. We "over paid" for a injury prone "replacement". And possibly worse of all Run DMC is handed 4 million dollars. Pathetic right?

Now that the dust has settled slight I see what has really happened.

Veldheer wanted to leave, Houston was way OVER PAID, Bears will regret that when he has a career avg. 4 sacks next year. Jennings contract numbers aren't official but I have a feeling the Giants overpaid him as well (he is truthfully only a 3m a year kind of back) and the Saffold contract while defiantly being expensive, was probably needed to bring him here.

We have now also signed the best RT on the market Howard. While keeping Veldheer would have been nice, honestly the guy was more talk than anything else, first he said he doesn't want the TAG, then it comes out that after we didn't tag him he "threw up the deuces" and was ready to walk. You can't have your cake and eat it too, before the VELD MONSTER pic came out he didn't garner has much attention. He had a very rough season, both with injuries and once he got on the field he looked bad.

As far as Jennings goes I really wanted him in the Silver and Black but he isn't worth 5 million a year, not even close. The Run DMC contract is actually a fitting one, almost no cap hit and it is incentive laced. Us Raider fan's got exactly what we wanted, stability in the trenches. We now have 2 O-lineman on 5 year deal's, and as long as Saffold can stay healthy he will be one of our best player's, I believe he can do much more than Veldheer was capable of, if healthy of course.

Now we are having 2 choice defensive players coming to visit today, Tuck and Woodley. Yes it would have been great to have Byrd, but like most jackass FA he wanted to go to a "Contender". I am so sick of these player's not willing to help build a franchise, not willing to be here when the foundation is being poured.

I can say with certainty that Lamar Houston will not live up to his contract. I believe Veldheer has bitten off more than he can chew going to play the 2 BEST defense's in the league (Seattle and SF).

I HOPE Saffold stay healthy and become the Pro Bowler many think's he can, that Watson step's up this year and makes us forgot Veldheer's name. I HOPE Run DMC has another 2010 like season, the linemen we purchased are known for their run blocking skills. I HOPE we continue to add quality starter's, Im over the "big name day 1 free agent hype we must get them or our franchise is screwed players". Keep grinding Reggie, I hope all our contract's happen in the middle of the night like Howard's did, It show's that Reggie is working.

The stage is now set for him to MURDER the draft. As long has he is smart and stays away from ALL the Qb's in the 1st round and we take Clowney, Mack, Watkins or one of the Tackles we can't go wrong. Today is a good day, I thought we regressed yesterday but the truth is we strengthened, we just need to insure these player stay on the field and we may be the hard nosed football team we all want. A run first offense that will drive the ball down your throat, while our defense brings the blitz and our special team's keep you pinned deep in your own territory. The Raider's that make you earn every yard on every play. Sorry for the long post, I have been waiting week's to post here and today just happen to be the day, had to get some of this shit off my chest.


On a side note, we should have paid Verner 4 year's 30 million, he was the only big name free agent I truly wanted. Talib's Contract is a JOKE! Can't wait for Streater or Moore to scorch him for a touchdown this season.

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