Newest, Latest Observations - FA Day 2

So after the whinefest on Day 1 we got a lot of rejoicing (and more hate from the media) coupled with more whinefest on Day 2.

Saffold bites the dust and people are either up in arms about how stupid RM is or how wonderful it is we just got out of front loaded contract for a position we desperately need an upgrade on (No not LT but guard). More on this later.

Some are applauding MD for stepping in and killing Saffold's deal (and effectively cutting his GM off at the knees in terms of actual credibility) calling him "smart" and a "brave". Unless he suddenly learned everything his Father knew about football this news, to me, is beyond concerning. This is the same guy who ok-ed the trade for Palmer and openly stated he would leave the football guys, the guys who knew the things he didn't, to run the team as they saw fit remember?? Now we're back to being compared to Al's days all over again after 2 years collectively and diligently deviating from Al's philosophies that directly crippled what was once a great and powerful franchise. Lots of questions to be answered for sure.

So here we go:

#1 - Who's making the final the decision here? RM or MD? Because if the GM is not allowed to do his job there's no point in having one. If MD is having second thoughts now, he should fire RM immediately. Why waste time in someone you don't 100% believe in. Furthermore, why overrule your GM when you really don't have a reason to to.

Money some shout - we overpaid. But we had the money to do so and many of those still shouting were shouting then to overspend BY MILLIONS for both Veldy & Houston by tagging both or one of them or sign them to contracts for even more money.

Injury concerns?? Ok that's a fair concern but WTF did the Rams JUMP at the chance to retain their guy that they always wanted back in the first place? They swear he was physically sound which is why they resigned him. Duh.

MD didn't like the deal/buyer's remorse. Umm should he have spoken up BEFORE the deal was made? He was informed after all. This is the part that scares me - MD is the business guy and a huge fan and yesterday - IMO he acted liked one. He freaked out (like so many here are still doing) saw a way out and pulled the plug without even considering the trickle down effect his decision would have. If that is the case and he simply didn't like what we paid Saffold and was worried about the public backlash why did he sign off on the first place?? This brings me to...

#2 - What if something changed last night? No not the physical but someone broke loose who we thought we didn't have a shot at. Perhaps the market for defensive players we wanted was suddenly more affordable and the FO (Ownership included) switched approaches from OL to defense. Something in our draft philosophy could have shifted as well. Think about it.

Shift to D - If we sign Tuck, Woodley & Raji that instantly upgrades the DL but none of those guys would come cheap yeah we have a huge chunk of money but we've already spent some and RM has no desire to spend it all. This move of erasing Saffold makes it possible to do just that and still pick up at least one more CB to help the secondary and another DL.

Draft - There are some awesome prospects in the draft to be had especially if we trade down and acquire more picks. It would be easy to grab a LT and a OG or two. If we suddenly had info that another team is sure to make a deal, it would explain dumping Saffold as well.

Or the mother of all awesomeness - what if we actually had a shot at CLE's Mack??? You could give Mack Saffold's money still upgrade the OL and then buy the 3 or 4 defensive players you wanted.

Here's what his agent said before FA:

"I'm confident we can come up with a structure that would have a reasonable likelihood to not be matched by the Browns -- and would be in full compliance with the collective bargaining agreement,"

If we overpay for Mack I think everyone here would rejoice. He's leaving CLE so it's not like he's coming from a team with more success and he'd pocket more $ than he's ever seen. If he does come here and we draft Robinson/Mathews we go from a mediocre to good OL to a potentially great one. If Watson is the LT play and he delivers and we draft the best RG we potentially have a great OL. Any way you slice it, bringing Mack here would not only save face but definitely upgrade the OL more than with Saffold.

#3 - What does this mean for Day 3? Well this just became the 60 million dollar question. Will FA's shun us more scared that RM is a straw man? Did this move just cost us Woodley (Who's off to visit the Titans today), Tuck and any other big name FA?? I just don't don't know but for a guy who's worried about results - MD inserting himself didn't do us any favors but left a gaping hole in our OL and poured gasoline on the hot seat after saying over and over he's going to stand by his guys. That's not good IMO and it outweighs the amount of money he just saved.

The good news is we can still add quality players to improve our roster and the next big question is - will we now be able to?

On to day 3...

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