mock draft

Trade down pick up an extra second and fourth from dallas they don't have the cap room anyway to sign all those people

Round 1 Pick 15: Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh

Round 2 Pick 36: Rashede Hageman DT Minnesota

Round 2 Pick 15: Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt

Round 3 Pick 67: Stanley Jean Baptiste CB Nebraska

Round 4 Pick 103: Dion Bailey FS USC

Round 4 Pick 115: Cyril Richardson OG Baylor

Round 6 Pick 165: Khairi Fortt LB Cal

Round 7 Pick 196: De'Anthony Thomas RB Oregon

Round 7 Pick 212: Marcel Jensen TE Fresno State

Undrafted Free Agents/ Compensatory Picks:

C/OG-Tyler Larsen, Utah State BP:36 BR:8'5"

TE-Colt Lyerla, Oregon 40: 4.61 BP:15

QB-Tahj Boyd, Clemson 40: 4.84 BR:8'10"

RB-George Atkinson lll Notre Dame 40:4.48 BP:19

OT-Cornelius Lucas Kansas State

DE-Kerry Wynn Richmond 40:4.97 BP:31

What I want to see in the future:

OL- LT Penn LG Richardson C Wiz RG Boothe RT Howard assuming we add Penn this O Line would be dangerous. I am really high on Larsen and think he can eventually take over center allowing Wiz to move back to LG, and Richardson can play OG and OT so both could provide depth right now. Future O line would look like LT Watson LG Wiz C Larsen RG Richardson RT Howard with Barnes Mccants Mady providing depth

WR- Adding Matthews in the second would be great, he is the cousin of Jerry Rice and could easily replace Jones since he is pushing 30. Future WR Corps 1 Matthews 2 Streater Moore coming out of the slot

RB- Reece started one game last year at RB and ripped the 3rd ranked rushing defense for 19 carries and 123 yards plus he is a better blocker then McFadden. Giving Reece a full season having Murray spell him and have De'Anthony Thomas playing a Darren Sproles type role would take so much pressure off the WRs and QB plus matchup nightmares for any defense imagine running pistol with Pryor Reece Murray and Thomas. Future RB 1 Reece 2 Murray 3 Thomas

TE- Jensen could be a huge red zone threat and he could block since that's all Fresno St used him for. Lyerla has issues but he could be a decent play maker. Having Rivera and Lyerla in passing situations and Rivera and Jensen in red zone and running situations would give Oakland a lot of options. Future TE 1 Rivera 2 Jensen 3 Lyerla

QB- Competition between Pryor and Mcgloin this year and if they both suck Mariotta or Hundley next year. Pryor sprinted 20 yards backwards then 20 forward ever play just to keep the play alive behind the horrible o line then was asked to complete a pass to very suspect receivers, guy was gassed by halftime. Future QB Pryor Mcgloin

DL- Donald is a beast and Smith would mentor him on how to play DT and DE. Mcgee and Hageman rotating in every few plays Oakland would have a scary D Line plus a very solid core once Smith retires. With Tuck and Woodley coming off the edges our D Line could easily be one of the best in the league. Future DL DE Tuck DT Donald DT Hageman DE Woodley Rotating Mcgee Crawford

Secondary- Bailey is a ball hawk and a big hitter would definitely get better learning from Charles Woodson and Tyvon Branch. Brown can start now with Hayden on the other side then in nickel dime situations Jean Baptiste would come in and Hayden can slide down to cover the slot. Future secondary 1CB Hayden FS Bailey SS Branch 2CB Jean Baptiste

LB- Moore is solid and will develop. Roach can hold his own for now and next year we can start looking for a replacement. Fortt i think could be the burfict of this draft, he can cover hit and rush the passer, has seen time at end and could learn a lot playing alongside someone like woodley who can play both positions as well.

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