Raiders draft options & a hidden gem at QB?

The Qb's in this years drafts are intriguing. You have Bridgewater, Bortles, Carr, Manziel. Who will be the first QB taken off the board? What team will it be? Are the Raiders taking a qb in the first whether it'd be at pick 5, or which ever pick they may get via a trade down? The fact is the Raiders need a QB. Schaub has been the rumored favorite as a veteran FA but I'm sure the Raiders will wait till he gets cut. We still have McGloin on the team as well. Pryor may be a draft day trade. I personally love McGloin and think he can be the decent stop gap qb and he's on the roster already. With a better team he can do good. Watch some of his film from last year and he can make some beautiful throws. Throw to jennings on a wheel route, rivera up the seam, and to reece vs the titans shows us he's capable to make high caliber throws.

I wrote an article last year about the QB's and i will admit i was off on some assessments from my my film study. I thought Geno smith would have done better as a rookie but that jets team doesn't really have a run game and talent around him which set him up to struggle as a rookie. In this draft i just don't see the Raiders picking a QB at five. If they do plan to take a QB in the first i believe they'll take Bridgewater at five if not trade down and take Derek Carr. Derek Carr just screams as a player Reggie would love in Oakland. Carr is a hard worker, Religious,a Leader, and a family man. With this being said the QB i think the Raiders should take and my hy hidden gem in this draft is Aaron Murray and i will go in depth with the draft options i think the Raiders should take.

Raiders should trade down a couple of spots if presented with the opportunity to try and get a extra second or third rd pick. If they don't like the options and choose to stay put at five. They should stay and pick Mack. Having Mack and Sio Moore as rushing LB's would be deadly with Woodley and Tuck helping the cause. We know Mack can play on the line as a speed rushing DE as well. Imagine that pressure. Mack was the 2013 MAC defensive player of the year. Since 2005, Mack ranks 1st for tackles for loss in the NCAA with 75. He ranks first in fumbles forced since 2005 in the NCAA as well. Macks ceiling is higher than Clowney's in my opinion. Mack's sacks went up every year while at Buffalo.

2010: 4.5 Sacks

2011: 5.5 sacks

2012: 8.0 sacks

2013: 10 sacks

Now, what should the Raiders do to address the qb situation? Sorry pryor fans but i see him getting traded during draft day. Perhaps to chip kelly's eagles for a 6th rounder, who knows. Pryor's situation with this team is uncertain. Many fans love the kids work ethic, can't deny that, but his future with the Raiders is just uncertain point blank. So who should the Raiders bring in? I see the Raiders making a move for Schaub but they will wait for him to get cut. I think the roster once the season starts will be a Rookie QB, Schaub, and McGloin.The Rookie like i stated should be Aaron Murray out of Georgia.

Aaron was a four year starter at Georgia in the SEC. He improved or stayed consistent every year. He has toughness, Intelligence, a strong arm and leadership. His ACL injury is what's dropping him out of discussion this year with all the QB talk going on. He shows intelligence on the field with pre-snap decisions. His senior year he guided the bulldogs to some great wins against South Carolina, Tennessee, and LSU. Murray has a quick set-up and delivery and throws a beautiful tight spiral. He's been playing in a pro-style offense for four seasons against SEC competition and has showed he's a smart, intelligent, young kid at the helm. Murray has completed 62.3% of his passes and has passed for 13,166 and 121 touchdowns compared to only 41 interceptions all in the SEC and in a Pro Style system. The only negative i keep hearing about this guy is his size. Well Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are a prime example that it can be done. He is my hidden gem at QB but i shouldn't say hidden because he's just being overlooked, teams and fans alike know who he is. I think the Raiders should draft him in the second rd. That would be my Rookie QB on the roster once the season rolls around. What do you think Raider Nation?

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