I Can See Reggie Trading Down Again

And as of right now, I think I'd be okay with it.

I'm not going to get crazy and offer up the exact players I think he'd take or even attempt to fathom what his game plan might be. To me, this seems like one of the craziest, most loaded drafts in some while, so I'm not even going to waste my time projecting picks/players.

That said, the idea of Reggie trading out of the 5th spot and down the board - like last year - is an intriguing one. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to stick where we are and grab one of the 5 best players in a ridiculously loaded field, but I can totally see Reggie pulling the trigger on a trade.

Obviously this team still has a gaping hole at QB, but it seems like a forgone conclusion that Reggie wants to place his fate as GM in the hands of a veteran rather than a rookie. Can't say I blame him either - dude's sitting squarely on the hot-seat. That doesn't mean the team couldn't sign a starting-caliber veteran QB and still draft a QB at #5, but I just don't think that fits Reggie's style based on all the moves he's made.

Plus, drafting a highly-touted QB at #5 could and most likely would create controversy at some point this season - controversy a hotly-seated GM can ill afford. That said, I think he absolutely takes a QB in the 2nd round (or maybe jumps into the latter half of the 1st round) since he'd have an easier time playing the old "developmental/redshirt" type card if/when things get rough for the veteran QB. Recent history has shown us that difference-making franchise QBs can be found beyond the 1st round, and there's obviously less risk in doing so. There's some intriguing prospects outside of the Manziels, Bortles and Bridgewaters.

So assuming QB is off the table with the 5th pick, I think it makes a lot of sense to explore the idea of a trade. There are ALWAYS teams willing to overpay to jump in the top 10, let alone the top 5 - and especially if a guy like Manziel or Watkins is sitting there.

We've watched Reggie do a pretty solid job this offseason in signing established pros with a winning pedigree - pros who are being counted upon to lay the groundwork of a winning culture. I love the approach, but the majority of these guys signed 2 year deals for a reason.

Trading the 5th pick will obviously bring us a package of picks back. I couldn't tell you what types of picks or how many - but this roster still lacks depth and insurance policies all over the place. Reggie has a 2-3 year window to start infusing a mixture of young talent behind these established pros before they're gone.

If trading the 5th pick means we wind up with 2-3-4 extra picks between this year and next, I'd be on board. This draft is absolutely stacked, so why not? Start plugging in young studs behind these established veterans and let them learn.

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