Where we could be going

I should not wonder, but I do- where do the Raiders go from here.

We have signed a wonderful group of productive and veteran professionals, stabilizing our porous offensive line, adding yet another 1/2 type WR in Jones, upgrading at nearly every position on this team.

We then sign our veteran QB - who I believe will be a 20/10 TD to INt guy - a little better than game manager who, if the running game takes off could guide us to 6-8 wins.

Still, we have many holes and still have a lot of $$ to spend thanks to our adroit GM. WE have now re-structured the over-payed Schaub and moved him into a contract with great possibility and little risk to the team.

With a little more than 21 million now to spend - what are the possibilities for this team's direction?

Things I could see happening soon:

1. Desean Jackson signed - we need a true number one for Schaub to be successful - he had this in Houston when he was at his best.

2.Owen Daniels brought in - again, this is to make Schaub shine more brightly - this only makes sense since RM/DA jobs are hinged on our new QB.

3. We could trade up with Houston for the #1 pick and draft either Blake Bortles or JaDaveon Clowney. We need the generational defensive playmaker now - or - we need the future signal caller who experts are saying will be the best but is raw now. He definitely has a high upside and could really benefit from Schaub;s tutelage. I say all this knowing we will have to forfeit a 2015 high draft pick and our #5 pick this year. Still, I can see us going all-in on Clowney now that mentors Woodley, Tuck and Woodson are here.

4. We could stand pat and draft Robinson - this also makes sense as a running game is absolutely essential to making Schaub successful in play action!

5. We could look for a trade partner and go after Aaron Donad/Ra'shede Haggeman in the middle first round. I see this as somewhat unlikely as this draft is loaded with talent.

6. We could stand pat and draft Sammy Watkins at 5. I see this mainly if our WR corps remains as is. If Jackson is added, I can see this situation become the boon for a trade down - many teams could vie for his services as he is projected to be a true number 1 WR in the NFL.

7. I can see us looking to upgrade our DT, LB and DB with additions still to be made via FA - either now or after the June 1 cuts. Pat Sims could be a target, but I do not think the team was really impressed with him! I could easily see Rob Jackson, Alex Carrington or Thomas DeCoud being targeted.

8. Finally, I can see the contracts of Breisel, Maiava, and possibly Burnett being eradicated to buy even more cap space should we be inclined to go after Alex Mack, Jared Allen or Desean Jackson.

Where do you see us going?

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