Raiders QB options (3rd/4th Round)

Raiders can now take the best player available with their first pick (5th overall) with the acquisition of Schaub. The Raiders need to pull the trigger on one of these young quarterback prospects in the later rounds to start the grooming process though. I will make my case for all these QB's that will most likely be available in the 3rd and 4th round and who are my favorite choices. The list is in no particular order. I will state some of their negatives as well though. Don't be shocked if a team takes a chance on one of these QB's in the late second round. Raiders hold the 3rd pick in the 3rd Round and the 7th in the fourth.

AJ McCarron is an intriguing prospect who is underrated. His game is strong and he's a smart kid who played in a pro style offense in Alabama. He has good size and stands in the pocket. He steps up and gets in rhythm quickly with his throws. He doesn't force throws and delivers a decent deep ball and a ball with touch. Has a good football IQ and operates the offensive game plan very efficiently. He's a leader with professional intangibles. As a three-year starter at Alabama he compiled a 36-4 career record as a starter (.900). He lead the Alabama Crimson Tide to 3 National Championships. AJ holds school records for passing yards in a season (3,063), career (10,019), aand career passing touchdowns (77) at Alabama. Some negatives for AJ is he doesn't have the strongest arm. His arm is above average. He tends to throw of his back foot sometimes and that can get him in trouble. Tends to lead his receivers to much with his throws at times which will allow defenders to adjust at the pro level. Some durability concerns with recent foot injury and past issues with his right knee and fatigued throwing shoulder.

Zach Mettenberger is intriguing. He's tall and strong and stands in the pocket. Has a great arm and delivers throw on a rope. He has good down field vision. He has really good anticipations with his throws. He improved as a senior both as a quarterback and competitor. Some of the negatives for Zach is he doesn't show great awareness under pressure. He needs to improve reading the blitz. He suffered an ACL injury in 2013 (December). Had trouble in the past with maturity off the field. The number one thing that bothers me is his wind up when he gets ready to throw the ball. Takes to long in my opinion when i studied his tape.

Aaron Murray was a four year starter at Georgia in the SEC. He improved or stayed consistent every year. He has toughness, Intelligence, a strong arm and leadership. His ACL injury is what's dropping him out of discussion this year with all the QB talk going on. He shows intelligence on the field with pre-snap decisions. His senior year he guided the bulldogs to some great wins against South Carolina, Tennessee, and LSU. Murray has a quick set-up and delivery and throws a beautiful tight spiral. He's been playing in a pro-style offense for four seasons against SEC competition and has showed he's a smart, intelligent, young kid at the helm. Murray has completed 62.3% of his passes and has passed for 13,166 and 121 touchdowns compared to only 41 interceptions all in the SEC and in a Pro Style system. He's coming off a gruesome injury which will make him drop the third/fourth round but he's a second round talent.

Jimmy Garoppolo is underrated. Played at a small school so doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He played at Eastern Illinois; Tony romo stomping grounds. Jimmy posses a great passing vision. Has a good delivery. Smart and executes the offense at a high level. Has a great set up and drop back. Has a short memory and doesn't get down on himself. He's a confident thrower and throws with conviction. Has good accuracy and beautiful touch on the ball. He threw for an impressive 5,050 yards in 2013 with 53 touchdowns to just 9 interceptions with a completion percentage of 66%. Negatives are he takes to many hits that are unnecessary and his experience at a lower ranked college. Also played mostly out of the spread and needs to adjust to play under the center more.

David fales is just down the street from Oakland. He played at San Jose state. He's a tough kid who stands in the pocket and has an average arm. Puts nice touch and leads his receivers well. His upper body motion which is important in a quarterback goes well with his lower body motion, he plays balanced. He had a completion percentage of 72% in 2012. Quick feet and understands where he needs to go with the ball. Negatives he needs to work on his velocity and he only has two years experience in the FBS.

Tajh Boyd has been linked to the Raiders but which QB hasn't. In 2013 he threw for over 3,800 yards with a completion percentage of 68% with 34 td's and 11 interceptions. He leads receivers well and has a nice touch with the deep ball. He has quite a good ball placement. Good poise in the pocket. His negatives are he tends to run when things break down and takes his eyes off downfield. Has a weird wind up at points and played in a offense mostly out of the shotgun with quick passes.

Which QB would you take a chance on if you were the Raiders?

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