A Call To Raider Nation - Time To Step The Hell Up!

I don't care if this seems dumb to some of you. Straight up - kiss my ass.

I'm calling out every member of Raider Nation to blow up DeSean Jackson's twitter and show him why he needs to come home. Show him why he serves as the final piece to the offensive puzzle. Show him his days of being under-appreciated by a crack fan-base are over. Give him a taste of what it would be like to play for the greatest fans in the NFL.

I spent a lot of time writing an earlier post that questioned whether or not Jackson's skill-set could be maximized with Schaub at QB. I said this in large part due to Schaub's inability to throw the ball downfield throughout his career. Many of you pointed out in the comments section that Jackson is great at creating space and making defenders miss after the catch.

I'll buy it fellas. He'd instantly become our most explosive weapon on offense, regardless of Schaub's ability. And not only that - how much better would such an addition make sure-handed James Jones? That's one hell of a 1-2 punch, not to mention the looks guys like Denarius Moore, Rod Streater, Brice Butler, and Andre Holmes would potentially get.

Guys like Justin Tuck, Donald Penn, Lamarr Woodley, and James Jones all are on record as saying how impressed they were by the attention and support Raider fans gave them before even inking a contract. Maybe some of them were just trying to say the right thing, but maybe, just maybe the bombardment of support helped sway at least one of their minds.

Look, I have no clue how interested Reggie is in Jackson. I live in New Jersey, so I'm well aware of these gang reports and his alleged off the field issues. But I've also seen tweets and articles which praise Jackson for his anti-bullying work and various charity contributions in the community. We now have a roster packed with veteran leaders and winners - and Super Bowl rings. I'm confident the right voices will be in Jackson's ear to stay on the right track and be a reliable teammate.

Also, let's not forget who's coaching in Kansas City right now. Jackson still has a tremendous relationship with fat Andy Reid. Simply put - we cannot allow him to wind up playing out his prime with the Queefs.

So I'll say it again. Let's literally blow this dude's phone up and show him just how much we want and need him to come home. He'd be the cherry on top of an absolutely awesome offseason to this point. Would we still have holes? Absolutely. But rarely do true #1 WRs hit the open market in their prime - let alone one from our own back yard.


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