Ok…it’s April 1st and it’s known for pranks, jokes and humorous commentary. That being said I offer up my THIRD DRAFT selections to be smashed, bashed and butt-fumbled across Raider Nation. Being an overly nice person, I’m always open to critical review, remarks and points to be made.

Hey! Just remember, at least Jetzoid fans will… as Rich Kotite once lamented, "I’m not a genius!"

Safe to say, that as fans of our beloved Raiders (my fandom began in 1965), we really know very little as to the inner workings of just what the organization will do at any given time: no matter how many reports you read, or rumors you see and hear; no matter how many hours you spend frittering around with salary caps and team budgets; no matter how many times you concoct trades without the slightest inkling about what is in any player’s contract and that goes for draft day, too. So my two cents has as much value as anyone else’s.

So, what the heck. I’m tossing this out there in the name of fun, fantasy and some good old Ted Hendricks sarcasm.

My selections are based upon no great insight and no miracle lights from a Mother Ship above.

Just 100% conjecture. DUH! So, rip it up, tear it down, beat that drum hard and fast; ride with it, applaud it or anoint it. It’s all in good fun.

Now, draw back the curtain and savor the GRANDVILLAPIANO 2014 DRAFT SELECTIONS – PART 3:

DRAFT 4-1-2014

Free agent signings and pro-day workouts.

The Raiders have NO compensatory picks this year.

So, Mark Davis, Reggie McKenzie, Dennis Allen and the coaching staff… take notice!

ROUND 1: Sammy Watkins (WR): "Top shelf WR…’nuff said."

ROUND 2: RaShede Hageman (DT): "A dominating force that can snuff-out a QB or RB."

ROUND 3: Got to go with three QB options here…

OPTION #1: Blake Bortles (QB): "IF he’s available, big feet and all. Draft him as The Franchise."

OPTION #2: Zach Mettenberger (QB): "NFL arm; a short-pass touch, a mid-range bullet and the big, big bomb."

OPTION #3: Dustin Vaughn (QB): "Big, accurate, mobile; smart point producer. The next Tom Brady."

ROUND 4: JaWuan James (OT): "A blocking machine. Powerfully agile with exceptional presence and balance."


ROUND 6: NONE – traded for Matt Schaub

BUT, WAIT NOW…hold ‘dem horses… the selections here are only if a trade is made to obtain either a 5th or 6th round pick, or both. Caveat: you can only pick two of the guys below…

Phillip Gaines (CB): "Super speed, alert and aware in the D-Zone. Can shadow and shut-down a WR."

Brandon Coleman (WR): "Big target with soft, strong hands; with sneaky-speed finding the zone seams."

James Wilder Jr. (RB): "Intense, determined, balanced and punishing on D-backs."

Tyler Starr (LB): "An outside power-rusher with crunching power, but able to retreat easily into coverage."

ROUND 7a: Antwan Lowery (OG): "A goliath that can smash defenders and safeguard a QB easily."

ROUND 7b: Brent Urban (DE): "This earth-mover has Godzilla power. He takes no prisoners."


My five, no-nonsense players I could see in Oakland:

Marqueston Huff (CB): "Excellent cover-corner with speed, field perception and tight coverage."

Clarence Bumpas (LB): "Sharp, quick and can finish tackles, make the sack, pick or defend a pass."

Pat Eger (C): "Quick for his size and dominates his defensive assignment like a bulldozer, finishing the play."

Jay Prosch (FB): "All-around, pounding FB, reminiscent of Larry Csonka, Tom Rathman and Daryl Johnston."

Zach Moore (DE): "The sack-master. Pushes them back, wraps them up and buries them."


QB: 3 WR: 2 TE: 0 RB: 1 FB: 1

O-LINE: (OG): 1 (OT): 1 (C): 1

DT: 1 DE: 2 LB: 2 CB: 2 S: 0

The next fantastic and inspirational installment will be on DRAFT EVE May 7th, 2014.

Keep the children home. It may get ugly!

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