Raiders 2014 schedule breakdown: Some good news for NFL's toughest schedule

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL released the schedules for every team today. And It would appear that since the Raiders are stuck with the NFL's toughest schedule, the planners did them quite a solid in how they arranged those games.

The Raiders open the season in New York because the A's have home game that Sunday. A Northeast trip in September? In an open air stadium, that's much more preferable to December.

1 Sep. 7 at New York Jets 10:00 am CBS

They then head home for their opener against the worst team in football -- the Houston Texans. Nothing like giving the Raiders fans a reason to feel good by throwing them the worst team in the league for their home opener. Matt Schaub and Antonio Smith also gets to face off against their former team in front of their new home fans.

2 Sep. 14 HOUSTON TEXANS 1:25pm CBS

After that the head back to the northeast to face the Patriots. Both of their northeast trips in September? They'll take that and be thankful.

3 Sep. 21 at New England Patriots 10:00am CBS

The trip to New England is especially strategic because the team can hop a flight straight to London to face the Dolphins the following week. The Raiders humbly thank you.

4 Sep. 28 MIAMI DOLPHINS (London) 10:00am CBS

Following their trip to London (a 'home game' mind you), they don't need to rush back to work because they have their bye week after that. That means two weeks to prepare for the division rival Chargers at home. It also could mean they only play one regular season game on that infield dirt (their home opener) providing the A's don't go on a playoff run. Then after the Chargers, it's another home game against Cardinals just to make sure the Raiders have fully caught up on home cooking.

5 Oct. 5 Bye week CBS

Then it's two straight road games in Cleveland and Seattle.

8 Oct. 26 at Cleveland Browns 1:25pm CBS
9 Nov. 2 at Seattle Seahawks 1:25pm CBS

After that it's three-straight home games. Well, technically it's home against the Broncos, at San Diego, and home again against the Chiefs. The Chiefs game is a Thursday night affair but since the Raiders had only traveled to San Diego the previous week, it works out quite well.

10 Nov. 9 DENVER BRONCOS 1:05pm CBS
11 Nov. 16 at San Diego Chargers 1:05pm CBS
12 Nov. 20 (TNF) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 5:25pm CBS

Then the season finishes off with two trips to Missouri to face the Rams and Chiefs, two home games against the 49ers and Bills. Then they finish the season in Denver against the Broncos.

13 Nov. 30 at St Louis Rams 10:00am CBS
14 Dec. 7 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 1:25pm FOX
15 Dec. 14 at Kansas City Chiefs 10:00am CBS
16 Dec. 21 BUFFALO BILLS 1:25pm CBS
17 Dec. 28 at Denver Broncos 1:25pm CBS

It appears the schedule makers took pity on the Raiders having the NFL's toughest schedule along with giving up a home game in London and made it a priority to see to it that schedule was arranged as hospitably as possible.

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