nfl.coms make the pick

Well I finally got around to a mock (1st rnd only) and heres what I came up with.

#1 Blake Bortles. With a new coach and already a strong defense the texans, unable to trade the pick, decide they need to score points.

#2 jadeveon clowney. With houston passing on him and again receiving no outrageous offers the rams go bpa.

#3 greg robinson. Even with no qb worth protecting the jags select the behemoth from auburn.

#4 sammy watkins. Having decided that no qb is worthy of the 4th overall pick the browns decide to add to their growing stable of weapons.

#5 khalil mack. This leaves us with a win win situation because not only is mack bpa at this point he also happens to fill needs. 2 birds 1 stone.

#6 anthony barr. Having swung and missed on clowney the falcons still decide to address the pass rush. Not bpa but fills a huge need.

#7 jake matthews. Here the bucs decide they need to protect their recently anointed starting qb. Probably bpa as well.

#8 johnny manziel. After resisting the urge to trade up the vikings have one of the top rated qbs fall to them.

#9 cj mosely. The bills wanted mack but get a great consolidation prize in mosely.

#10 mike evans. Here the lions take a page out of Chicagos book and nab a 2nd huge receiver

#11 derek carr. With supposed qb whisperer whisenhut running the show he wants "his guy".

#12 aaron donald. Sticking to their bpa formula combined with the loss of tuck the giants fortify the DL....again

#13 calvin pryor. Already possessing a potent pass rush and decent LBs the rams add to their secondary.

#14 justin gilbert. With both corners on the wrong side of 30 the bears decide they to restock at cb.

#15 taylor lewan. Tough and nasty. Exactly what Pittsburgh looks for in the football players.

#16 eric ebron. Witten wont be around forever and 2 TE sets seem to be trending in the nfl.

#17 ryan shazier. Ozzie newsome trys to rebuild that vaunted Baltimore D.

#18 marqise lee. Sorry but even with decker they still need weapons.

#19 zach martin. Dolphins try to fix their OL woes with yet another martin

#20 darqueze dennard. Having tried several times to find another corner to play across from peterson they try yet again.

#21 bradley roby. They resigned shields but they are in need of help on the back end.

#22 haha clinton dix. The eagles attempt to add a playmaker to their D.

#23 odell beckham jr. How long have people been saying KC needs another WR?

#24 carlos hyde. The law firm is rapidly declining and dalton needs a grinder in the backfield.

#25 stephon tuitt. Another student of the bpa philosophy.

#26 teddy bridgewater. Just as they had planned. Maybe not TB specifically but a top tier qb none the less.

#27 kelvin benjamin. Another huge target for brees. Could possibly switch to TE.

#28 brandin cooks. Not sure he belongs this high but had him as best wr available.

#29 rashede hageman. Wilforks eventual replacement.

#30 kyle fuller. They need corners....bad.

#31 louis nix III. Scheme versatile and helps bolster the D line even more

#32 jason verrett. In need of a slot corner they pick one up to replace browner.

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