Paul Gutierrez's way-too-early 53-man Roster and what it means for the draft.

If you missed it Paul Gutierrez posted a projection of the pre-draft 53 man roster on

You can find that article here

Here is a look at the propsed roster.

QB (3) – Matt Schaub, Matt McGloin, Trent Edwards

RB (4) – Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones-Drew, Latavius Murray, Kory Sheets

FB (2) – Marcel Reece, Jamize Olawale

TE (3) – Mychal Rivera, David Ausberry, Nick Kasa

WR (6) – James Jones, Denarius Moore, Rod Streater, Andre Holmes, Brice Butler, Greg Jenkins

OL (9) – Donald Penn, Kevin Boothe, Stefen Wisniewski, Austin Howard, Menelik Watson, Khalif Barnes, Tony Bergstrom, Matt McCants, Lamar Mady

PK (1) – Sebastian Janikowski

P (1) – Marquette King

LS (1) – Jon Condo

DL (8) – Justin Tuck, Antonio Smith, Pat Sims, LaMarr Woodley, Stacy McGee, Jack Crawford, Ricky Lumpkin, C.J. Wilson

LB (6) – Sio Moore, Nick Roach, Kevin Burnett, Kaluka Maiava, Miles Burris, Kaelin Burnett

CB (5) – Tarell Brown, Carlos Rogers, D.J. Hayden, Taiwan Jones, Chimdi Chekwa

S (4) – Tyvon Branch, Charles Woodson, Usama Young, Brandian Ross

Lets take a closer look at current Raiders and there potential replacements..


Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Matt Schaub 2 years; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +15.5 -15.9
Matt McGloin 2016 Free Agent N/A -6.1
Trent Edward 2015 Free Agent N/A N/A

Draft Strategy- Currently there is not a long term solution to the QB woes of Oakland, McGloin is a promising back-up and should be the measuring stick to compare QB prospects too, if they do not represent an upgrade over McGloin than they wont be worth the draft pick.

Teddy Bridgewater - 1st round - I wont go into an in depth analysis of TB but for anyone who is interested, you can find a very good break down of his game here. -

AJ McCarron - 2nd/3rd round - The most decorated of all QBs in the draft class, he has been knocked as a game manager but with his high football IQ, low turnover margin, and great leadership skills, he has a chance at being a great QB at the next level.

Tom Savage - 4th round - Great measurables and a ridiculously strong arm, I think this one comes down to the interview, if he has the fire to develop he could be great. Although how many times have we seen a QB that by all means should be a franchise guy dissapear after a short NFL career on the bench? His lack of production at the collegiate level leads me to wonder how he will look when the competition becomes a lot faster and a lot smarter?

Runningback -

Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Maurice Jones-Drew 2017 Free Agent; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +1.0 +3.9
Darren McFadden 2015 Free Agent -19.2 -9.8
Latavius Murray 2017 Free Agent N/A N/A
Korey Sheets 2015 Free Agent N/A N/A

Draft Strategy - Running back is not a pressing need, and with the idea that a RB drafted this year might not even make the roster, other areas will probably be addressed first. If a players value is so far ahead of the round he is looking to be drafted, then it might be worth a consideration. I have found one such player to be a perfect example of this.

Isaiah Crowell - 6th/7th Round - the SEC freshman of the year in 2011 was dropped from the team after a felony weapons charge was aquired in the off season (although the case was soon dismissed due to lack of evidence) Crowell transferred to Alabama State were he had two great seasons, he has continued to prepare for the draft and is looking for someone to give him a second chance, Oakland meet with Crowell at the combine so we have already expressed some interest.

Fullback -

Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Marcel Reece 2017 Free Agent +14.8 +6.2
Jamize Olawale 2015 Free Agent -0.5 +1.2

Draft Strategy - I don't see the Raiders targeting a fullback in this years draft.

Tight End -

Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
David Ausberry 2015 Free Agent N/A N/A
Mychal Rivera 2017 Free Agent N/A +0.3
Nick Kasa 2017 Free Agent N/A -0.7

Draft Strategy- We have a decent duo of young TE's that can be developed in our system. David Ausberry gave Raider Nation hope with THAT play. He looked like a baller, but we cant judge a man on one play, lets hope Ausberry has a healthy 2014 and gives RM a reason to resign him. That being said we could consider a TE in a later round should they be too good to pass up on.

Troy Niklas - 3rd Round - A better blocker than pass-catcher; Troy is a defensive lineman convert and has a nasty side when blocking, he still has decent ball skills and shows the ability to snatch the ball and quickly get up-field. Not worthy of our 2nd round pick, he might be a consideration if he falls to the 3rd.

Colt Lyerla - 7th Round - I thought I would include Colt to squash this idea, huge concerns with intangibles and love for the game. DROPPED more balls than CAUGHT in 2013, he has great athleticism and has the speed to get behind linebackers for big play ability but is not an NFL player in my opinion.

Wide Receiver -

Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
James Jones 2017 Free Agent; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +8.0 +2.9
Denarious Moore 2015 Free Agent -1.2 +1.1
Rod Streater 2015 Exclusive Rights Free Agent +1.0 +5.0
Andre Holmes 2015 Exclusive Rights Free Agent N/A +6.4
Brice Butler 2017 Free Agent N/A -2.8
Greg Jenkins 2015 Free Agent N/A Punt Returner
Draft Strategy- What this group lacks is a true #1 WR, we have depth but surrounding Matt Schaub and his heir with weapons will be crucial to the success of this team. Great WRs can be found in every round of this draft, but depending on who else is on the board we might be better rolling with what we have already. I'm hopeful that Jared Green might make the roster, although this leaves us without a punt returner.

Sammy Watkins - 1st Round - The consensus #1 WR in this years draft class, if the other 4 teams ahead of us pass on him, RM would have a hard time passing on this kind of talent, has the speed to stretch the field to counter our current tall, strong, possession receivers. Returns kicks so can effect 2 out of 3 phases of the game.

Davante Adams - 2nd Round - I decided to highlight Adams rather than Matthews because although he is shorter than the Vanderbilt prospect, he has the quickness and violence to get past cornerbacks which is a tremendous asset in the NFL. His ball skills are also elite, and has the intangibles you hope to see from a potential #1 receiver.

Paul Richardson - 3rd Round - A quick twitch athlete, although he doesn't have the physicality to get past corners he can do it with speed, registered a 4.40 at the combine. The contrast of a speedy outside receiver could open things up for our taller receivers in the seam and underneath, more of a complimentary WR than a #1.

Offensive Lineman-

Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Donald Penn 2016 Free Agent; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +14.9 +8.1
Kevin Boothe 2015 Free Agent +9.2 -4.9
Stefen Wisniewski 2015 Free Agent +6.5 +9.4
Austin Howard 2019 Free Agent +8.5 -1.0
Manelik Watson 2017 Free Agent N/A -6.1
Khalif Barnes 2015 Free Agent -8.2 -11.6
Tony Bergstrom 2016 Free Agent -3.1 N/A
Matt McCants 2015 Free Agent N/A +6.6
Lamar Mady 2015 Free Agent N/A +0.1

Draft Strategy- A quick look will reveal most of our offensive lineman are older or on one year deals, this is a big sign this is a patchwork job, and although not a bad one, we should look for some more pieces for this unit for the future.

Greg Robinson - 1st Round - A beast of a run blocker we would be lucky if he fell to us at the 5th pick, if he should though he could step in as a starting guard right away while he refines his pass protection technique to take over the LT position long term. Is the most athletic lineman with the highest upside in the draft.

Xavier Su'a-Filo - 2nd Round - A nasty blocker with experience at tackle. We again would be lucky if he fell to us at 36 and even then, depending on who else is on the board, he might not be the BPA..this draft is deep!

Trai Turner - 4th Round - This seems like the most likely pick of the 3. At only 20 years old Trai is an amazing yet raw athlete who ran the second fastest 40 in the combine behind Robinson. He has excellent power and quick feet, his negative qualities seem to be fixable. I say give him to Saprano and develop him into a mauler.

Defensive Lineman-

Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Justin Tuck 2016 Free Agent; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +1.8 +15.4
Lamarr Woodley 2016 Free Agent; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +3.9 +10.8
Antonio Smith 2016 Free Agent; Can be cut in 2015 with no dead money +21.7 +12.6
Pat Sims 2015 Free Agent N/A +14.7
Stacy McGee 2017 Free Agent N/A -5.8
CJ Wilson 2015 Free Agent +3.8 -0.9
Jack Crawford 2016 Free Agent N/A N/A
Ricky Lumpkin 2015 Free Agent N/A N/A

Draft Strategy- Our starting 4 d-lineman have become one of the most improved positional groups through free agency, that being said the young talent behind our salty veterans is slim. A defensive end or defensive tackle should be drafted in May, there are quality DT's throughout the draft.

Timmy Jernigan - 2nd Round - If the Florida State prospect is still on the board in the 2nd round we could be looking at a great prospect who can help us win the battle at the LoS, he is a quick, strong DT with violent hands and makes plays in the backfield.

Dominique Easley - 3rd Round - one of the most athletic DTs in the draft would have been a 1st round talent before his latest ACL tear, he might not be worth the risk in the 2nd round but you cant look past the value he presents in the 3rd round.

Marcus Smith - 4th Round - a former QB this guy is raw but shows great athleticism, can line up as a backer, on the edge, or as a penetrating DT. Doesn't excel at anything specific but does all things well.

Morgan Breslin/Zach Moore/Ken Bishop - 7th/UFA - Thought I would include the D-lineman we have brought in for visits, all these guys look solid. Seems our scouts are doing a great job with the diamonds in the rough.


Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Sio Moore 2017 Free Agent N/A +8.6
Nick Roach 2017 Free Agent -2.7 -11.6
Kevin Burnett 2015 Free Agent +11.9 -2.0
Miles Burris 2016 Free Agent -16.1 -0.9
Kaluka Maiava 2016 Free Agent +7.9 -2.3
Kaelin Burnett 2015 Free Agent n/a -0.1

Draft Strategy- A strength of the 2013 season is starting to look more like a weakness in 2014, should Kevin Burnett play more like he did in 2012, and if Nick Roach gets better against the run (a stronger D-Line should help) we will have a decent group but we could always look for an upgrade.

Khalil Mack - 1st Round - We all are familiar with Khalil Mack, he is known for forcing fumbles which would be a welcome addition to our defense, he can line up on the outside, inside, and on the line as a DE. His versatility, athleticism, polish, instincts, and intensity are top noch. This guy is going to be a great player in the NFL.

Chris Borland - 3rd Round - Not the physical specimen like Mack but as a ILB he is a great leader, shows exceptional tackling ability and instincts. He could develop his coverage abilities further but they are O.K. as is. Drafting Borland would mean moving Roach back outside where he belongs.

Max Bullough - 7th Round - Another inside linebacker, I feel that he is grossly underrated. He has good instincts but is caught out of position at times, he takes poor angles and benefited from the Spartan defenses supporting cast but he is a solid player and has good value in the 7th round.


Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Tarell Brown 2015 Free Agent +10.5 +4.4
Carlos Rogers 2015 Free Agent +2.1 -3.0
DJ Hayden 2017 Free Agent N/A -6.6
Taiwan Jones 2018 Free Agent N/A Kick Returner
Chimdi Chekwa 2015 Free Agent +1.2 -6.4

Draft Strategy- Hayden and Jones are the only two under contract past 2015, more players can be added or we could resign Brown or Rogers next year but some young prospects too develop should be a priority for Oakland in the draft.

Jason Verrett - 2nd Round - One of my favorite CBs in the draft he has great speed, fluid hips and the ability to cover bigger receivers, his size is his knock and with the emergence of the Legion of Boom smaller corners are not coveted at this point. Should he fall out of the 1st round he would be a great addition across from Hayden.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste - 3rd Round - More of the en vogue corner, he has elite size but his stiff hips and slow 40 time make me fear his burn rate in the NFL might be very high. He is very physical and best in press coverage, would have a hard time keeping up with quicker WRs if they get past him.

Pierre Desir - 4th Round - A small school prospect, definitely a sleeper in this draft, he has good size and speed. Shows great play recognition, is great in coverage and can set the edge, shed blockers to get in on run support. Has big play ability, with a good vertical and excellent hands.

Aaron Colvin - 4th Round - Was a 2nd round prospect before tearing his ACL, he is a passionate player who is solid in coverage, great against the run, and shows tremendous instincts. He would need some time to rehab but come 2015 we could be getting praised for this high-risk/high-reward pick.

Dontae Johnson - 7th Round - This guy is very intriguing, at 6'2'' and 200 lbs he is very fast, he ran a 4.45 at the combine and has the fluid hips most taller corners lack. He has good recognition but will need to get better in coverage. He is a project but if he reaches his potential he could be a great corner or even possibly a center-field safety at the next level.


Player Contract 2012 PFF grade 2013 PFF grade
Tyvon Branch 2018 Free Agent +2.3 Injured
Charles Woodson 2015 Free Agent +1.2 +1.8
Usama Young 2016 Free Agent +8.5 +2.5
Brandian Ross 2015 Free Agent +1.0 -24.3

Draft Strategy- Our secondary is really an area of concern when looking to the future, our CB situation is a little less promising but the safety group isn't much better. We should be looking to add a rookie to this group to learn from the great Charles Woodson before he retires.

Deone Buccanon - 2nd Round - One of my favorite prospects, he is a hard hitting safety who is also good in coverage, he is manipulated by pump fakes and can over react to play action, nothing that can't be fixed with some coaching.

Lamarcus Joyner - 2nd Round - A great playmaker, he is a ball hog who is always coming up with turn overs, or sacks blitzing off the edge. A smaller frame means he would be utilized in the box or in the slot, but he also has experience as an outside corner so there are options. His intensity brings up everyone around him.

Terrance Brooks - 3rd Round - Joyners teammate, he isn't as polished in run support and is not as consistent with his coverage abilities. Although he is known to "bait" QBs by creating space between him and the receiver and jumping the routes when the ball is in the air. This is a skill that shows his football aptitude is incredible and his overall skill set could translate well to the NFL.

Kenny Ladler - 7th Round - Another big play maker, what he lacks in coverage ability and speed he more than makes up for with his ability to turn the ball over. With 5 forced fumbles and 5 interceptions in 2013. He has some inconsistencies in his game but could be a decent pick-up in the 7th round.

Thanks for reading!

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