Ok…it is Monday April 28th, and May will surely bring flowers - and I don’t mean Richmond Flowers, either.

For this Mock #4, I have THREE options per round after all the information collected from various websites, interviews, pro-days, combines, collegiate reports and analysis, not to mention dozens of on-air media reporters, scouts and pundits.

Picking three players in each round will take advantage of any spur-of-the-moment draft-day player trades and/or trading picks up or down.Why? Because I need a little bit of guesswork flexibility. I don’t know who is going to be there when the Raiders pick and neither do any of you.

Included are short and to the point, equally researched blah-blah-blah for my treasured selections.

BOLD = my personally analyzed and unbiased, inconsequential and preferred selection.

So, for what it is worth (not so much in this economy), I offer my FORTH DRAFT to be reviewed, ripped , sliced and diced, celebrated or anointed across the Raider Nation.

My OFFICIAL DRAFT #5 will appear on Tuesday May 5th before we start stocking up on all of the necessary provisions like BBQ wings, salsa, chips and a variety of tailgate foodstuffs and finally turn our attention towards the training camps and the pre-season opener on August 8th, then onward to bust-up the Jetzoids on September 7th.


Khalil Mack (OLB): "Upper echelon of performance, intensity and tenaciousness."

Ryan Shazier (OLB): "Smart, unrelenting competitor and tremendously hard-hitting."

Mike Evans (WR): Big, physical and a reliable WR who can stretch the field."


RaShede Hageman (DT): A dominating force that can wreak havoc, disrupt and defragment any offense."

Kelvin Benjamin (WR): "Doesn’t take a second-seat to any other WR in the draft. All the tools…plus size."

Philip Gaines (CB): "Disciplined, focused and extremely athletic. Tight coverage and can intimidate."


Max Bullough (ILB): Leader of a defense. Brings a Jack Lambert ferocity and intensity to the game."

Deone Bucannon (FS/SS): "Ball-hawk with keen awareness. He hits like a runaway train."

DaQuan Jones (DT): "Super-sized and fast off the snap. A wrecking-crew, play stopper."


Tom Savage (QB): "Quick-read/react with an accurate NFL arm for all distances; a no-nonsense team leader."

A.J. McCarron (QB): "Poised, quick reactions to defensive schemes; easy roll-outs and can handle the pocket."

Derek Carr (QB): "He's an NFL QB package...'nuff said."




Quincy Enunwa (WR): Rough-tough WR; superb hands; difficult to bring down and a consummate blocker."

Jeff Janis (WR): "Another BIG WR with ball security-dependable hands, reliable routes and field smarts."

Parker Graham (OT/OG): Excellent and formidable at both positions. He keeps pushing the pile."


Tyler Starr (OLB): "Your punishing, power-rusher with crunching hits. Excellent at rolling back into coverage."

Travis Carrie (CB): "Quick-thinking with snap reflexes. Shut-down potential with speed, agility and ball instinct."

Lorenzo Taliaferro (RB): "Strong, muscular hard-driving ball carrier with good speed and tight ball security."

ROUND 7C (from Seattle):

Michael LaGrone (FB): "Excellent, reliable receiver; power runner with elusive moves; able to make a big play."

Glenn Carson (ILB): "Great defensive leader; punishing tackler; quick and agile to hit the gaps and stuff the play."

Chris Davenport (DT): "Massive and heavy-duty; smack-down type of intensity."

Open for discussion

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