efuentes61 Mock Draft

So I finally joined the party and started playing with mock drafts on Never done one before, but now it's like crack, you just want to keep running more mocks. It's definitely a fun way to pass the time. Anyways, I think I finally had a good one. It's unlikely this scenario would play out, but if it did, I think we would be loaded for years. You be the judge.

Round 1 Pick 8 (MINN): Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
Round 2 Pick 5 (ATL): Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota
Round 2 Pick 8 (MINN): David Yankey, OG, Stanford
Round 3 Pick 3: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
Round 3 Pick 8 (MINN): Ed Reynolds, FS, Stanford
Round 3 Pick 11 (STL): Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska
Round 4 Pick 17 (CHI): Ahmad Dixon, SS, Baylor
Round 5 Pick 3 (T.B.): Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers
Round 7 Pick 4: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State
Round 7 Pick 20: De'Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

With the trade-down, I missed out on the elites, but I think that's OK. My first 3 picks were for beef. We will never get blown off of either side of the LOS with these picks. No way Carr drops to the 3rd (or Hageman to the 2nd for that matter), but shit, how sweet would it be? I see the QB position like this. I don't think we're wasting a 1st or 2nd on it. They gave McGloin a long leash last year, and now we have a vet to guide him. I think we'll take a gunslinger in the 3rd or 4th to challenge him and see if he has "it", but Reggie knows damn well we need starters with our first 2 picks, and he's not wasting it on a QB when we already have one who started 6 games, and another who costs 9 mill. In the middle rounds I found dependable secondary upgrades. I don't know if Baptiste will drop that low, but he has good size for the physical receivers of the AFCW. I see Dixon as a possible backup to Branch should he get hurt again. Realizing I hadn't looked for a WR till too late, I snagged Coleman from Rutgers. He has decent game tape, and length, and could compete for a spot. I don't think WR is as important, because with our projected line and RBs, I think we will be eating the clock in chunks and limiting passing to possession throws and PA. Besides, I think Streater and Holmes will really develop this year. My last 2 picks were in honor of Al. Just a couple burners that might help in various ways; in the return game, 3rd down, in the slot, who knows.

So please, if you get a minute, let me know what you think. I don't mind if you trash it; it's all in good fun and this won't happen anyways. Peace out.

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