YOU make the call!

Hey Nation - so tired of getting kicked around on the message boards and blog sites as to our "horrible" off-season. Even our own Levi Damien gave us a B- grade citing a down grade at LT (Supposing an injured Saffold would have done the trick?).

So, I decided to do some research. My hypothesis is that we should be graded on overall team improvement and talent infusion, and when all stats align, we would be much better off.

I do/did not see how anyone gives a letter grade out. I want some numbers to prove all the hate - are we better? Worse? Okay - here are the numbers - you make the call.


Penn (+8.1) (BTW - Haters = this is a huge improvement from Veldheer)

Boothe (-11.3) Surprised here. Even at -11 Boothe is a huge upgrade at G/C over Gurode and Nix/Breisel

Howard (-1.0) Total of a positive -4 for the OL. Still need more talent. With a healthy Watson and draft picks we're on our way

Bresiel (-3.3)

Veldheer ( -5.5) Even with superman - we see the truth = a -9.9 something if Nix never sees another down in the S&B - happy is the team with none of our previous interior linemen outside of Wiz/Barnes. When you add the -50 for Nix?? so much improved just to not have these guys - JV included!

Pashos (-1.1)


Schaub (73.0 QBR - Sporting charts) Huge questionable move by RM? We'll see if last year was just an aberration of the implosion known as Kubiak Arrest!

Pryor (69.0 QBR)

McGloin (73,0 QBR) On sporting charts - a site I like much better for QB's its a wash. Time to draft our future. IMO Schaub will drastically improve with better running game - still not the long term solution. Gonna draft a Carr!


Jones-Drew (+3.9)

Sheets From a stats only point (unless a positive grade for Sheets - we lost here, but let's see MJD behind our improved line. Much better for the money. Good luck in NY RJ - you were loved!

Jennings (+6.0)


Ford (-3.3)

Obvious upgrade - +6 impact differential. Ford sucked. We also have the continued improvement of Holmes and Streater to look forward to! Welcome home James!

Jones (+2.9)


Houston (+11.4)

Hunter (-22.4) Wow - a -11.2 gone! No doubt LH was a talent, but not 35 mil talent!

Walker (+4.0)

Muir (-3.2)

Smith (+12.6)

Woodley ( +10.8) Wow = +37.9 re-newal - for a positive total impact = +31.8

Tuck ( +15.4)

Wilson (-.90)


Brown (+4.4)

Rogers (-3.0)

An incredible +1.4 in and -28.5 out = wow, just wow! Total impact = +29.9

Jenkins (-2.6)

Porter (-12.4)

Adams (-13.5)

SYNTHESIS: positive total impact number of 62.7 PFF and Sport charts (QB)

Since I cannot come up with the rating for Nix and let's suppose he is gone by subtraction in the numbers game, our OL comes out huge, but really only by subtraction. We still need a mega-talent like Jake Matthews/Robinson/Lewan.

If Reggie hits it in the draft and we get talent like I believe he will - we should see real improvement and win some games. I am not arrogant enough to give any predictions. I see what I see. There is a continuity of those who love being Raiders and love football - win or lose. We have brought in 7 Super Rings on the fingers of those "aged" FA's = 7. There is a winning attitude. You add the loss of JV and his Mommy and our organization is the real winner.

HATERS - do the math (if you can)! I would like to know which team came out in front of these numbers in FA.

I know, I know - its all paper. But what else is all the comparison based to hate on us? Yes = paper numbers.

I really don't know what to make of all this my fellow Nation - just that I can mathematically conclude we are a much better team and we had a HUGE off-seson, so far! We all still have to consider those of ours we signed like CWood. The health and talent of DJ Hayden, Tyvon Branch and Menelik Watson (not to mention Torrell Troup) - the improvement of Sio Moore , Matt McGloin and Miles Burris - Stacy McGee and Crawford/Robinson.

Well done Mr. McKenzie. (You get an A effort - no way to put a letter on the haul or the team overall. Draft still to come and then win-loss being the final proof). Well done.

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