2014 Oakland Raiders Mock Draft 3.0

I believe this is the best scenario if Oakland doesn't trade down,

1. OT; Jake Matthews, I have swayed in favor of OT Greg Robinson (because of his run blocking skills and potential upside) recently, but have concluded that Matthews is more of an elite ready tackle and has superior pass blocking skills, he is smooth, fluid, and polished. His father Bruce endured a long consistent performance with an minimally injury free tour of duty, which bodes well for Jake Matthews. Oakland gets the most bang for their dollars, the best return for their investment from a proven NFL bloodline player. (Penn is not the long term answer, I have high hopes for Watson still but nonetheless, you could never have enough superior OT). Let Matthews play left tackle and Watson right tackle or whoever wins it in preseason. The two offensive tackle positions is where I value the most on the offensive line, then the center and guards.

At first, I thought Greg Robinson was my choice but after watching more film on him, his pass blocking awareness is suspect although he is a monster run blocker, Oakland needs a player that is balanced and that is Jake Matthews. Greg Robinson may have more upside in the long run but Jake Matthews will be an impact player and have a seamless transition. While watching film on Matthews, I observed him making multiple pass blocks against different players, maintaining a clean pocket for the QB to operate from, I was impressed by that.

2. DT; Timmy Jernigan; he dominates the interior of the D-Line, ala Warren Sap in his prime. Watch his you tube highlights. Oakland needs to add another DT despite resigning Pat Sims. When is Oakland going to have young aggressive DT that dominate and win the battle at the trenches again?

3. SS; Deone Bucannon; flying high ball hawk and straight up hard tackler, knocking wr's and rb's back. Oakland needs IMO a player like this, Woodson is retiring after this year, Osama Young is good insurance, and not sure Brandian Ross (although I like his toughness) has the upside to be this type of player, regardless, a SS needs to be added, I know Branch will be back but despite his good coverage skills and elite speed, he isn't a bruiser, the Seahawks have sir chancellor laying folks out and the 49ers had Goldson, but they immediately replaced him with Reid whom is In the same mold as his predecessor, players that can cover and lay the big hit when appropriate. Not trying to copy other teams, but when was the last time the raiders had a big safety like this? Mike Mitchell was not given a chance to start consistently, he was that type of player.

4. DE; Aaron Lynch, excellent pass rusher whom for some reason is underrated on draft boards, he is not just average, he is above average, oakland needs young DE's to develop but that will have an immediate impact, this way oakland avoids having to rely on signing older proven DE's. Although, I have no complaints about Tuck and Woodley at all, just that Oakland needs to increase their DE depth, draft impact diamond in the rough prospects and develop them further. Once again, no copy cat here, but the Seahawks and 49ers are powerhouse teams because they have pass rushers and depth in this area.

7. CB Keith McGill, is a tall strong cover corner, ala browner, Sherman mold. Oakland needs to continue to develop young corners for depth and strong play, Adams is gone, Rogers is over 30 yrs old, besides Chekwa, and Haden, whom we don't know how he is going to progress yet, what other young corners does Oakland have? What has hurt Oakland here has been drafting the wrong type of corners, van dyke, routt, Fabian Washington, that we're based on Al Davis's height weight speed ratio formula, wherein he valued speed erroneously. Update; just realized Keith McGill will most likely be gone by the 4 or 5 rd, therefore take a flyer on CB Walt Aikens from Liberty, has good size.

7. OG; Spencer Long (Nebraska) 6"5, 320 pounds. ( I didn't review this prospect yet, but oakland needs depth at guard), once again despite the recent free agent signings at guard and release of Brisel, Oakland needs to develop young impact players, IMO the guard positions should have ideally big monsters with heavy hands and nimble feet, trampling over anyone in their path.

Notice RB, WR & LB position groups are neglected but the reasons are that Mckenzie has done a good job in finding hidden gems in UFA or the late rounds. Plus the lines is where any team IMO should value the most, DT, OT, which is the the perspective approach for advocating the above draft prospects. Oakland has enough RB's and WR's for this year, they don't need to draft any, the lines should be of the utmost importance, they don't need to draft a QB this year either, next year if necessary will have better quality at the QB position in the 2015 NFL draft. IMO the best thing for Oakland to do is not draft a QB or Watkins or any WR in the early rounds, but instead apply my logic, we will see, the count down is on my silver and black comrades, until then.

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