Jerboat's Mock Draft 3.0

This'll be the last mock draft i do until a week before the draft. Even then i doubt we'll have any idea who RM is really looking at. #5 is a huge mystery. Everything i've picked is based on little tidbits i've heard and RM's own drafting personality/history. I'd love to mock a trade down or two but that'd be more what I would do and no one cares about that. That said, i have a gut feeling RM will trade down in the second and pick up another 4th and/or 5th.

Anyways, here's we go.



Round 1 #5: Greg Robinson - LT - Auburn

The Penn signing is more insurance than anything and I truly believe Saffold was being brought in to play guard, yet could play tackle if the need be. Robinson is easily one of the top 3 most talented player in the draft and more polished than a lot of people think. His pure power is what'll attract Reggie over a guy like Matthews, not to mention he's got more potential. Watch tape of what he did to open holes for Tre Mason in the title game against Florida State. It's absolutely ridiculous. I found myself mesmerized watching it and i HATE watching OL tape. To say Greg Robinson is a stud is putting it lightly.



Round 2 #4: Stephon Tuitt - DE/DT - Notre Dame

One of my favorite signings of the offseason has been Justin Tuck. Tuck has been a model of production and versatility over his career and Tuitt is Tuck 2.0 down to the same college. This is a perfect situation for the Raiders because he can be mixed in slowly over the course of the season and learn behind the new vets. Tuitt is incredibly versatile and has huge upside. He overpowers players yet is quick enough to be effective on the edge.



Round 3 #3: Marcus Smith - LB/DE - Louisville

I liked this fit for the Raiders for a while now and recently read Vic Cotto's tweet saying they really like him, his versatility and potential is through the roof and could learn behind Woodley while still being used as a situational pass rusher as a rook. He's a real diamond in the rough, much like Barr, in that he's only actually played the position for a couple years yet has the jaw dropping athleticism much like Barr. Just as much, if not more production though. For the record i loathe Cotto, but he's been remarkably on point recently. He must have made friends with a couple guys in head office recently because he never had this much insider info before.

I'll do round 4 and 7 in a bit Here we go...



Round 4 #7: Brett Smith - QB - Wyoming

I have a confession, i've become obsessed with Brett Smith. He's got a great arm, is one of the most athletic QBs in the draft and I truly believe if they sit him for a year or two and work out some of the kinks in his mechanics he can be a star. Of all the QBs i've watched tape of the fact Smith isn't getting much pub is baffling to me. If he played in the SEC and was 2 inches taller i guarantee you he'd be in the top 5 QB discussion. Just watch the tape of him and watch his pocket awareness and the way the ball explodes out of his hand. He doesn't get locked in on targets and can make every throw, plus he has the mobility to make plays with his legs. A perfect candidate to learn behind Schaub for a year or two.

Plus i just read this...

Carr is a smokescreen in my humble opinion. There's no way RM and co. are going to be so upfront about which QB they want this far ahead of the draft. My biggest tell is i haven't heard a single thing outside of this linking the Raiders and Smith, yet they've been linked to every other QB in the draft class just about. Remember when we drafted Hayden and nobody could believe it?



Round 7 #4: Isaiah Lewis - S - Michigan State

Trying to mock 7th rounders is hilarious. Good luck with it. So i'm picking Lewis simply because i read this.

Dude has been pretty close on Raiders moves and seems to have an in with a scout or two, plus various agents. The team definitely needs a developmental safety and Lewis fits the bill. A little undersized, but very productive. Michigan State's secondary was great last year.



Round 7 #20: Zach Fulton - G - Tennessee

I don't know a ton about Fulton but i do know he's a big nasty with great size and he's from Reggie's alma mater so that's why i'm picking him. Found this blurb too, sounds exactly like the kind of guy RM/Sparano would like to add.

WORTH WATCHING: OG Zach Fulton (6-5, 324, 5.34)...Like Stone, Fulton doesn't get the hype of Tennessee's tackles but he's a legitimate draft candidate, as well. The Vols' starting right guard in 28 of their last 31 games, Fulton's size and power makes him an obvious candidate for drive blocking schemes. He can't be accurately described as quick but shows surprising balance when blocking at the second level, as well. - Rob Rang,

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