Editorial: O Say, Can YOU See...,?


This post is for all those naysayers, true Raider Nation dwellers to be sure, but who clearly have not been able to see the big picture scope of Reggie McKenzie.

Here is an excerpt from another blog which describes what has happened under our portly leader:

"However, Mark Davis, the son of al, hired now general manager Reggie McKenzie fired Jackson and took over the reigns in 2012, who hired now head coach Dennis Allen. McKenzie proceeded to tear down the roster, got rid of under-producing and expensive contracts over the next 2 years, which led to a lack of talent on the roster and back to back 4-12 seasons. but the result of all the slash and burn on the roster led to 67 million dollars in cap space for the 2014 off season, he signed a bunch of veteran talent and now is killing it in the draft so far, hope has never been higher in the nation".

Reggie and Coach Allen were evaluating to see if there were any value players on this team the past two years, while the "DECONSTRUCTION" phase (Owner's words) took its course. When they came out of the film room and FA started, and we finally had the money to compete in the market, we all got to see the plan unfold. The casualty list included Raider greats (sarcasm) Lamar Houston, Terrell Pryor, and Jared Veldheer - among others. Their quick signings on teams they landed with shows the world they did not want to be Raiders and or be paid to their actual level of play. DECONSTRUCTION complete!

FA then brings us the group of accomplished veterans who have playoff experience and who have won many super bowl rings collectively and have track records of being quality citizens off the field as well as terrors on the field. Clearly part of "PHASE 1" of the re-construction. RM put starting quality players at the key positions - professionals who play the game at a higher level, but willing to be paid according to their rank and age status would indicate.

After this period, Reggie and Coach Allen both came out and talked about getting bigger "more stout on the lines" so we were not blown backward. Yesterday's draft selections of Khalil Mack, Gabe Jackson and Jelly Ellis proved this maxim true. The final additions of the taller CB's and Safeties, show that our leaders understand the lack of depth and talent at these positions.

Finally, the one move most questioned by fans here is the pick of Derek Carr. Though he had a first round grade and many experts had him going in the early 20's, was available to us at 36, even though Reggie was offered to trade up several times to get him! Providentially, he fell to us and fills several needs RIGHT NOW (sarcasm font used).

Carr brings us three QB's who can play the same style of offense. Second, he brings a quality of having played in multiple fronts and using pro-style protections and pre-snap adjustments. Mike Mayock said of him "he has the most natural throw and release of anyone he saw this year; he can make any necessary throw. He loved the pick, as did many of the draft gurus as they all could easily SEE THE VALUE of Carr at 36 and with Matt Schaub to tutor him on the ins and outs of being a pro quarterback. Third, Carr brings play making athleticism and production passing for over 5000 yards last year in his conference. He has a pedigree being the brother of the former #1 pick in the NFL draft, and is mature - having played through internal pain of seeing his child suffer the illnesses - all while playing at a high level for the Bulldogs. Like him or not the VALUE is there. He is a quarterback who in a shorter time, will be able to carry this franchise. He is humble and hungry ready to serve, and to lead when called upon.

It is clear now that anyone can SEE the moves that have been made by RM have been so with a clear plan. Their is a timing for everything and evaluations ongoing. Allen has repeatedly stated that we are going to a better football team with players who execute what they have been coached to accomplish. Now, because of the deconstruction of the worst organizational mishandling in the history of sports by the former leadership, we have the ability to make the necessary moves to build a NFL caliber football team.

We are not there yet. It will take a couple of years for our new base of young talent to accomplish our final goal of competing for a Super Bowl. We have a plan in place, and it is taking shape right before our eyes....if they are open to SEE it!

O Say, can YOU see.....the plan? Wisdom is justified by her actions, McKenzie is justified by his. Rrrrrrrrrrraiders!

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