Jake Murphy - TE - Utah



When I saw we signed him as a UDFA I felt a wave of deja vu rush over me, wondering where I heard of him before. I looked him up and sure enough, he was a guy I read about and watched a little tape of earlier in the offseason.

I like him.

Here's a scouting report on him from Rob Lang, a scout at who's quite good when it comes to tight ends.

STRENGTHS: Looks the part of an NFL tight end with an athletic, well-developed frame. Versatile, pro-ready tight end with experience in the traditional in-line role, as well as flexed out wide and as an H-back.

He possesses soft hands with good hand-eye coordination and body control to make catches outside of his frame and good concentration to make the contested grab with defenders surrounding him. Strong runner after the catch, showing the leg drive and toughness to fight through arm tackles. Good flexibility and agility to gain a free release and generate separation from defenders. Possesses just average initial quickness but accelerates smoothly and has good top-end speed for the position.

Became a stronger, more physical blocker in 2013. Impressive athletic bloodlines, as his father, Dale Murphy was a six-time National League all-star in Major League Baseball and his brother, Shawn, played at Utah State and spent some time with the Denver Broncos.

WEAKNESSES: While sporting the broad-shouldered, well-built frame normally associated with this position, Murphy does not consistently play with the power his build suggests. He is a willing blocker but often lined up on the wing as a "move" tight end, taking advantage of his athleticism, rather than power to turn and shield defenders from the ball.

Suffered a broken wrist against UCLA on Oct. 3 and missed four games in 2013 as a result. At 24 years-old, Murphy is older than most prospects.

COMPARES TO: Dennis Pitta, Ravens - Just as Pitta was when leaving BYU, Murphy has been overlooked a bit from a national perspective, but his soft hands and sharp route-running could help him emerge as a reliable security blanket in the NFL.

Sounds like an underrated dude with real nice potential. THEN I saw this on twitter:

He responded:

HELL YEAH! That's the kind of stuff I love to read. For those wondering, @handicaphulk09 is Todd Christensen's son. Raider OG. Seeing a player show his respect for the men who exemplified the game before them always gets me riled up. Love it. Can't wait to see Murphy play, and i'm rooting for him to make the 53.

Here's a highlight video for good measure.


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