How important is our W-L record? Is that how we should judge?

I've been going back and forth on this issue, I've noticed early mock drafts for 2015 having us with a top 3 pick, which means everyone expects us to have a terrible record. Obviously I'm insulted by this notion and I've repeatedly expressed my belief that we will win between 7-10 games this season.

Now W's and L's is what's always been important, and with this season we tend to believe RM and DA's jobs are dependent on our record, but shouldn't we take into account the fact that we have the toughest schedule in the league?

Now I'm not saying we dismiss the W's and L's, but merely wondering if HOW we lose matters? Take last season, we lost the opening game against the Colts on the road due to a late touchdown drive by Andrew Luck. I thought we were competitive and by some accounts should've won the game, but almost every team can say that when they lose a close one. The point being, I didn't see that game as a loss the way I saw the game against the Eagles as a loss.

We've improved across the board, this team needs just one more free agent haul and good draft next year to compete for a championship, I truly have that much faith is what we're building here. If we lose 12-14 games next year but we're competitive and all the games are by 7 points or less, should that count for something?

Now I'm not pretending that I'd be happy with that kind of record or season, I'm just wondering if our optimism after a season like that wouldn't be more realistic given the way we competed. At the same time if we're the team I believe us to be, I just don't see how we can lose to certain teams. In my own personal opinion this is the worst I'll accept us doing and still consider the season a step in the right direction.

Week 1 Jets-W 1-0

Week 2 Texans-L 1-1

Week 3 Patriots-L 1-2

Week 4 Dolphins-W 2-2

Week 5 Bye

Week 6 Chargers-W 3-2

Week 7 Cardinals-L 3-3

Week 8 Browns-L 3-4

Week 9 Seahawks-L 3-5

Week 10 Broncos-L 3-6

Week 11 Chargers-L 3-7

Week 12 Chiefs-W 4-7

Week 13 Rams-L 4-8

Week 14 49ers-L 4-9

Week 15 Chiefs-L 4-10

Week 16 Bills-W 5-10

Week 17 Broncos-L 5-11

As much as I want to win 10 games, if we go 5-11 but we're competitive in every game, we're not a joke, then I won't be upset if RM and DA keep their jobs. I think with our schedule and the talent I believe we have on this team, this is the worst I'd be willing to accept. If we win 4 games or less, than it's probably a good time for change.

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