Quarterback Big Boards

Surprise, surprise! It seems almost certain the Raiders will be taking a quarterback at some point in the draft this year.

It seems like there are a lot of diverse opinions about which one and when and etc. It's an interesting question. Statistics have shown you're more likely to find the franchise guy in the first round... but at the same time, the opportunity cost is high with so many phenomenal players there. Add in the fact that even a first rounder could still bust out, we know Schaub is our starter for the coming year, and there is some pressure to win now and... well... it's definitely complicated.

So, post your QB big board. Not just who you like the most, though, where you would rank the quarterbacks relative to what round you think they could reasonably be had in. For example, I would prefer David Fales in the 5th to Teddy in the 1st.

1A) Derek Carr in the late first (20+ after two trade downs netting us at least two 2nd rounders and probably a 3 or 4).

I've done a 180 on Carr. I can admit it. A full 180. And I now love him.

I've watched a lot of tape - even digging back to his pro style tape from a year or two ago - and I've watched a lot of interviews. I think the thing I see in him that I love most is the borderline psychotic work ethic he brings. There's no question he has the arm talent, and we know he has the size. He's not ready to start now, but if he learned for a year or two, I think we could have a phenomenal QB on our hand. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, given a certain minimum in arm talent, I believe work ethic and preparation is one of the most important predictors of a QB's success.

I know using our first rounder on him would carry a massive opportunity cost, especially for a player who wouldn't start this year... but remember, if you really think you've found the guy who will keep your team going to the playoffs for 10 years and make 2-3 Pro Bowls along the way... you fucking take him. It's that simple. You have to. Besides in this scenario, we're still able to add players like Timmy Jernigan or Stephon Tuitt and Jordan Matthews in the 2nd.

1B) Zach Mettenberger in the late 2 or early 3rd

Another guy who isn't ready to start but has everything you could possibly look for in a guy to sit and learn for a year or two. At some point in his life he had a howitzer surgically attached to his right shoulder. People knock him for being slow... but when was the last time you saw Peyton or Brady run?

He has phenomenal size, a great arm, and has after a rocky start to his career, shown a willingness to work hard at improving. In the early 3rd round, we've probably added two elite players in the 1st and 2nd (maybe more with trade downs), and he would present excellent value.

2.) David Fales in the 5th

When I watch him, I see a guy with great accuracy but a mediocre arm. I've also read that he comes across as somewhat timid - aka not a leader of men - in interviews and in the locker room. Doesn't sound all that ideal right?

Well that's why you'd take him with a 5th round pick. Plenty of guys with mediocre arms have had great success in the NFL, and we KNOW Fales has excellent accuracy. I also think he has quick eyes, which also is probably more important than arm strength. With 5th round picks, your'e practically guessing anyway, so we might as well guess on a developmental quarterback.

3.) Teddy Bridgewater in the early 2nd

You hear all those rumors that Teddy could fall tot he second? If that happens WE NEED TO PICK HIM. It's not complicated.


That's about it for me. The other QBs I'd be positive about drafting are simply not going to happen. I'd take Bortles in the late first and same for Manziel, but it seems there's no chance they'll be there. I'd take Garp in the early 3rd, but there's pretty much no chance there either. McArron won't be there in the 4th, but that's when I'd grab him. Before someone bitches at me about Aaron Murray, I'll admit I haven't had time to really watch any film on him. I'm told I'd like what I see for a 4th round kind of guy.

How about you guys? Which quarterbacks do you want, and what round do you want them in?

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