2014 QB big board

1: Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville- NFL analysts have seemingly gotten bored of Teddy. If any of them cared to actually watch his film, they'd find that he's still the same player they were glorifying before the offseason began. His accuracy, decision making, arm strength, and height all show the makings of an elite quarterback. Should be the first or second overall pick.

2: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M- I'm a critic of his, but there's no denying his skillset. He's accurate, he's quick, and he's got a big arm. He needs to learn when to scramble and when not to, and his floor is extremely low, but his ceiling is high. The quintessential boom-or-bust.

3: Derek Carr, Fresno State- He has so many positive traits, it'd be hard to resist him in the late first or early second. A big arm, accuracy, mobility, anticipation, led the FBS in passing yards. His footwork needs some work, as does his pocket awareness. But he has the tools to be an effective NFL QB.

3b: Tahj Boyd, Clemson- Lauded as a likely top-10 pick and Heisman candidate in the preseason, Boyd has actually fallen on most boards despite an excellent senior season that saw his stats improve across the board. Has many the tools and skills of an NFL QB. Good mobility, but looked to scramble too often, at the wrong times, for the wrong reasons. Has a good arm, but it doesn't show on his deep passes, which float and flutter. He gets knocked due to his height (6'1) and the fact that he played with two excellent receivers in Martavis Bryant and Sammy Watkins, who may have padded his numbers.

4: Blake Bortles, UCF-
I'll admit, I'm not a fan. Has a big arm, size (6'5, 230) and excellent mobility, but his decision making, anticipation, awareness, and mechanics are just average. A developmental pick with tantalizing upside.

5: AJ McCarron, Alabma-
He gets knocked for having played on one of the greatest college football teams of all time, but he passes the eye test. His mechanics are nice, he can make all of the throws, and he shows signs of good anticipation. However, his mechanics and decision making regress heavily under pressure. Also comes with less than ideal size (6'2) and age (24 in September).

6: Jimmy Garrapolo, Eastern Illinois-
Put up huge numbers at a small school, and appears to have good mechanics, arm strength, and anticipation. The real question with Garrapolo is whether his skills will translate or not. He could be the next Tony Romo or the next Kevin Kolb. There's just no way to tell, which is why he is ranked so low.

7: Tom Savage, Pittsburgh- His huge arm and quick release are a plus. He's also big at 6'5 225, and his accuracy is not lacking. Anticipation is poor-must see open receivers before throwing. No mobility, and takes too many sacks. Still, has upside as a potential starter.

8: Aaron Murray, Georgia- Would be ranked much higher if not for an ACL tear, which despite recent advancements in medical procedure is still difficult to fully come back from. Has mobility, accuracy, anticipation, and played in a pro-style system. The only real knock on him is his height (6'0).

9: Zach Mettenburger, LSU- A big arm, accuracy, and sound decision making skills once had Zach Mettenburger ranked very highly, before an ACL tear ended his season. His wonky mechanics, questionable anticipation, and the two star receivers padding his stats in Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry hold him back from a higher ranking.

10: Logan Thomas, Virginia- He's not as futile of a passer as his reputation holds, but he's still quite raw. He's huge (6'7 250 pounds) and unfairly fast and agile for his size. A position change might be in store in the NFL. His physical tools are just too breathtaking to ignore.

Honorable mention: David Fales, Keith Price (a favorite of mine), Connor Shaw, Brett Smith

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