Draft Musings and More!

Hey Nation

I am set to travel from my home in Mexico to the US traveling in large part in the Rocky Mountains - so I will talk with you from there.

In the interim, there are plenty of side notes as we process together the NFL draft movements through Saturday.

- Raiders fans are unified in the need for play makers

- Raiders fans are the most passionate and excellent bloggers on the planet

Loyal Raiders fans (since 1971 a die hard I will never change), like the pundits, have absolutely no idea what is going to transpire. I mean, really brothers, which of you had any (ANY) of our 2013 picks on your mocks? Uh too! NONE! I mean I had heard of DJ Hayden, Menelik Watson and Tyler Wilson - but not one of these did I ever see mocked to us.

We have all made our cases for Clowney, Watkins, Mack, the QB's and other "favorites." Fact is, we may be highly overrating these players compared to McKenzie and the Raiders brass. We are not scouts.

When drafting BPA - using the big board rating strategy - something RM plays very close to the chest - it is absolutely astounding who some teams rate high and why. (Take Cowboys center last year - who, is very good BTW). No one had him with even a mid 2nd round grade and they traded back into the first for him. All it takes is one rumor and you must move to get your guy. Be prepared fans for the unusual, again!

There it is folks - the truth. I have a feeling many of you are going to be sorely disappointed when Saturday is completed. I know you will, I have seen it before.

Perhaps it would be best for all of us to get behind RM and trust our board and the brass to make the picks which are truly best for THIS team. Never in the last three years have we had a draft where we could be so flexible due to RM's adept FA signings.

I want to close with an idea of what is going to happen. No expectations, just a feeling.

Clowney, Robinson, Mack and Manziel are chosen 1-4 and the Raiders are left with the opportunity to choose or trade with a desperate team (Detroit, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Tennessee, Dallas) in the top 10-15 who will want to pay the price to move up to choose Sammy Watkins. He is a great WR prospect, but I believe McKenzie would trade down for the right value. There are other play making WR's not too far behind Watkins (Evans, Cooks, Beckham and Latimer come to mind).

I believe he will trade down at least twice to accumulate the picks he needs to build the depth of talent on this team.

He picks a quarterback in round two or three depending on his trade down.

If he trades out of #5 he will trade back up for a specific QB prospect (Bortles, Carr, Savage Mettenberger, Bridgewater).

We will draft two in the defensive backfield and at least two in the defensive front seven, three offensive players.

Our first pick will be an offensive play maker.

Have fun my fellow fans, I will be following the action from the mountains - have a blessed week!

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