Numbers don't lie: What happened in 1982 that could cause the Raiders to be hated by the refs?

As a Raiders fan, I have always been frustrated by the officiating that takes place in the Raiders games.
Experiencing games with names like 'The Tuck Rule',' Immaculate Reception' , and others like those, can give a person ulsers.
And as a Raiders fan, if I voiced my complaint to fans of other teams, they would just roll their eyes and say, "Let it go."

Makes me want to play Sebastian Janikowski with the cat (No I don't really have a cat...). And no cats were harmed during the creation of this article...

But with jokes aside, I knew that there had to be stats that showed the bias that I experience every Sunday. So I went through stats on and noticed a very significant pattern pertaining to the Offensive penalties. Take a look below and let me know what you think:

34 years out of 40 the Raiders are in the top 10 in offensive penalties and 19 out of last 20 years.
They were 16 out of last 20 years in top 5 and 27 out of last 40 years in top 5.

The Raiders led the league in most offensive penalties 13 of the last 40 years. Think about that. Out of 32 teams, they were the worst 32.5% of the time.

Incidentally, the stats do show that there was a change during the lockout in 1982. They went from 17th to 1st. Did Al Davis say something to the officials during this lockout? I'm not really sure...?

But the Raiders did sue the NFL and moved the Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982. In 1983 the NFL also blocked a John Elway trade to the Raiders. Some people speculated that there was a rift between the NFL Commissioner and Al Davis. Is there a correlation between the penalties and the 1982 rift? Read the stats below for yourself and you decide.

Offensive penalties:
2013, ranked 5th, 116 Penalties, 912 penalty yds.
2012 ranked 8th, 108 penalties, 939 penalty yds
2011 ranked 1st, 163 penalties, 1358 penalty yds
2010 ranked 1st, 148 Penalties, 1276 penalty yds
2009 ranked 2nd, 117 Penalties, 920 penalty yds
2008 ranked 3rd, 109 Penalties, 823 penalty yds
2007, ranked 2nd, 120 Penalties, 864 penalty yds
2006 ranked 7th 111 Penalties, 847 penalty yds
2005 ranked 1st, 147 Penalties, 1132 penalty yds
2004 ranked 1st, 134 Penalties, 1013 penalty yds
2003 ranked 1st 134 Penalties, 1120 penalty yds
2002 ranked 3rd 129 Penalties, 1094 penalty yds
2001 tied for 6th 107 Penalties, 897 penalty yds
2000 tied for 4th 118 Penalties, 940 penalty yds
1999 ranked 21st 98 Penalties, 825 penalty yds
1998 ranked 5th 127 Penalties, 986 penalty yds
1997 ranked 4th 117 Penalties, 976 penalty yds
1996 ranked 1st 156 Penalties, 1266 penalty yds
1995 tied for 1st 134 Penalties, 1059 penalty yds
1994 ranked 1st 156 Penalties, 1186 penalty yds
1993 ranked 1st 148 Penalties, 1181 penalty yds
1992 ranked 3rd 113 Penalties, 832 penalty yds
1991 ranked 1st 117 Penalties, 1013 penalty yds
1990 ranked 15th 97 Penalties, 682 penalty yds
1989 ranked 2nd 132 Penalties, 1105 penalty yds
1988 ranked 10th, 102 Penalties, 762 penalty yds
1987 tied for 6th, 114 Penalties, 1048 penalty yds
1986 ranked 7th, 114 Penalties, 951 penalty yds
1985 ranked 5th, 116 Penalties, 962 penalty yds
1984 ranked 1st 143 Penalties, 1209 penalty yds
1983 ranked 2nd 121 Penalties, 992 penalty yds (SuperBowl Champs)
1982 ranked 1st 86 Penalties, 840 penalty yds (lockout year)
1981 ranked 17th 101 Penalties, 867 penalty yds
1980 tied for 16th 98 Penalties, 929 penalty yds (SuperBowl Champs)
1979 ranked 11th 119 Penalties, 1024 penalty yds
1978 ranked 10th 108 Penalties, 948 penalty yds
1977 tied for 14th, 89 Penalties, 747 penalty yds
1976 ranked 5th 107 Penalties, 957 penalty yds (SuperBowl Champs)
1975 ranked 1st, 101 Penalties, 951 penalty yds
1974, ranked 2nd 92 Penalties, 845 penalty yds
1973 ranked 9th 82 Penalties, 759 penalty yds

Stats pulled from the site below:

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