Raiders 2014 season ticket holders received this exclusive free gift


Raiders season ticket holders received a free gift today -- a chrome license plate frame that reads "Season ticket member" on top and "RAIDERS" with shields on each side on the bottom. And exclusive gift only for season ticket holders.

Raiders in talks to tear down despite A's deal


The Oakland Raiders are currently in talks to start getting the new stadium built for 2018. This is despite the Oakland A's deal to stay in Stadium for another decade. The plan is to tear down the stadium in 2015 and have the Raiders and A's play somewhere else until the new stadiums are built. It's very interesting to note that at the bottom of the article it states that the A's have something already in place to give them 2 years notice if the Raiders want to move forward on the stadium deal. If these two franchises can actually come together on an agreement we most certainly could be seeing some better progress on getting our Raiders a new home in Oakland!

The Unbreakable Madden


An indepth, fascinating article about John Madden and his history with the Raiders and the NFL dating back to his days as a position coach.

Khalil Mack takes over MMQB, looks back on rise from unknown to fifth overall pick


Raiders rookie fifth overall pick, Khalil Mack, took over Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback where he talked about his ascension from playing one year of high school football to becoming the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft.

Raiders cornerback Chimdi Chekwa gets married


Raiders cornerback Chimdi Chekwa was married this weekend to his fiance Xia Coleman. Here teammate Taiwan Jones post a picture of Chimdi and his new bride immediately following the ceremony. See more photos of the wedding day here:

Facebook Ranks NFL Fans


Where do the Raiders fans rank and why?

Hall of Shame: Warren Sapp has $70 meal, stiffs waitress on tip


Recent Hall of Fame inductee, Warren Sapp, who technically played football in a Raiders uniform for a couple seasons, ate at a Florida sports bar restaurant to watch the US Mens World Cup match, stiffed the waitress on the tip. Adding "Boys don't tip!" on the receipt. His bill was $69.39 and after entering a big, fat zero in the tip line, the final bill was the same. Generally an appropriate tip is between 15% and 20% which would put the tip amount somewhere between $10 to $15. Hell, they add it up right on the bottom of the receipt. That's chump change for a big time NFL Superstar like Mr Sapp. But not quite as trivial for a waitress making minimum wage. Even if you thought the service was not great, come on, man.

Video: Your 2014 Raiderettes squad


This video shows the process and ultimately the revealing of the 2014 Raiderette cheer squad.

Former Raiders player, coach Bob Mischak passes


Bob Mischak, who played and coached for the Raiders for nearly 20 years has passed away.

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