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Next Raiders GM? Sounds Good

The link is a report that Raiders are interested in Ravens' exec Eric DeCosta. This would be a great move for the Raiders as DeCosta has done some great work with managing the Ravens as we can see by their constant return to the playoffs and strong team. He can help create the bully with Hue. Of course I'd love for Madden to be around, but DeCosta would be a addition. What does the nation think?

Hue Jackson's rise to Raiders coach began in tough section of L.A.

Insightful background information about Coach Hue growing up in South Central L.A. From all accounts (former coaches, friends, teammates), Action Jackson is a natural born coach. Calling his own plays and analyzing O's & D's since High School. "In Hue We Trust"

Bill Williamson: Oakland is not a coaching graveyard

The past few days in the coaching world is proof that time spent in Oakland can help a career. New San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh, new Denver coach John Fox and new Stanford coach David Shaw all spent time with the Raiders in key roles. Numerous former Oakland assistants have become head coaches in recent years. The notion that this is a coaching graveyard is inaccurate.

Al not running thing?

If Cable Goes, Who Wants the Job?

If Raiders coach Tom Cable can’t survive a triple-whammy of bad behavior, bad publicity and bad football – and it’s not looking that good for him right now -- Al Davis will be hunting for his sixth head coach in the last seven years.

Amazing, must read article about Russell and the Raiders

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports has written what I believe to be the most honest, balanced, accurate and fair-minded assessment of JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders organization in a long time. It's a long read, but well worth your time, I assure you. In short: People looking just to point the finger at Russell or Cable or Davis or whoever have got it wrong. It's everyone's fault. Russell's for not being ready or working to make himself ready, Cable's for not giving him the coaching he desperately needs, and Davis' for not creating an environment where Russell can succeed. I came away with a much better understanding of why we are where we are with JaMarcus and how we got here.

Why Al Davis must step down

As a Bronco fan I have no problem seeing the Raidernation flounder in mediocrity for the next 100 years, but no fan on Earth(except maybe Charger fans) should be forced to endure the dictatorship of a crazy man. This story is shocking to me. Shocking. The Raiders will not have a winning season until Al Davis gets the boot.

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