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Welcome to Silver and Black Pride:

This site is designed to keep all Raider fans up to speed with our beloved silver and black football team.

They call me Saint, and I will be your host here at

Some of you may know me as the drummer in the LF bleachers at A's games, and others may know me as Saintoakland from the old ESPN boards.

I look forward to sharing my passion about this glorious franchise with all of you!!!

My roots with this team go all the way back to the Marv Hubbard days.

Marv was a friend of the family when I was growing up in Oakland and once he gave me a copy of his record "Fullbacks Aint Supposed To Cry" I was an instant fan.

I used to fall asleep at night with an old skull and bones Raider banner over my bed and yes I was watching when they shifted to "Heidi"!!!

When my cousin rode his tank into Iraq a few years ago after taking Bagdad, he flew a Raider flag from his tank.

My family is a Raider family, through and true!!!

And we Raider fans are EVERYWHERE!!!

This site will allow us to unite.

The diaries are meant to serve many purposes. They are for game day threads so that people can share thier thoughts on a play to play basis. I would also love to have photo diaries where we can all see different photos from games and TAILGATES around the league. Then there are link dumps where we can post articles.

Feel free to start a topic or share a story that pertains to your fan experience. You can also ask questions and even question Moss, Shell or Walsh's tactics...Or lack thereof!!!

The history runs deep in this organization and that in itself should lead to a lot of sharing.

This is FIRST and FOREMOST a RAIDER FAN site. So trolls beware, you will be schooled and then banned.