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Open Thread: From Friday to Final Whistle!!!

This is our make or break for '06 weekend!!!

We all saw a team last week that can do more than compete in this league, they can dominate!!!

I look for Jerry Porter to be back in the silver and black for the first time since he led the team in receiving yards last year!!!

Big and Fragile Jawed Ben had better be able to avoid Sapp this weekend, because if he does not clear the middle of the pocket, that big dawg will eat his lunch!!!

As I said earlier this week, I am looking for Michael Huff to come up big again this week. He is a Big Time money player and that is why I will be rocking the, Huff #24, jersey this weekend!!! I will go on record and say what I have since the draft last year. Give me Walter and Huff over Leinart!!! That was the call!!!

Look for Walter to have a true test as he will be facing a ferocious, blitzing and mixed coverage defense this weekend. I say that our boy will come out with flying colors!!!

Let's Go Oakland, and let's GO RRRRRRRAAAAADDDEERRRRSSSS!!!!!!!!