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Holy Defense!!!!

I cannot recall a game in the latest Oakland era where the defense was solely responsible for a victory!!!

Sapp, Burgess, Huff, Nnamdi, Fabian, Schweigert, Morrison, Kelly, Howard & Thomas absolutely dominated the Steelers at the line and in the defensive backfield!

In the past two weeks the Steelers had scored 83 points.

Sure the defense bent a bit in the 4th quarter, partly because the offense was hurredly going three and out, and partly because of Carr's A-mazing 100 yard return of an interception that broke up a 70 yard drive by Ben and the Steelers.

Pittsburgh took advantage of the defense's lack of rest and alertly no-huddled thier way to a score.

Pittsburgh had the ball for over 10 minutes in the 4th quarter!!!

This after an 18.12 - 11.48 advantage in the first half.

A good stat to know is that Ben had only 104 yards before the 4th quarter and 49 of his 301 yards came on a hail mary at the end.

The player of the week has got to be NNNNNNNAMDI AWesome-Mooo-AHHH!!! He had 9 solo tackles and returned a pick for the first TD of the day.

He is on pace to pick more passes than the entire 2005 team!!! He is currently tracking 7.

Like I said last week...Just win one at a time BABY!!!

There is a ton more to talk about, and I'll be doing that later...For now, though, enjoy this victory Raider Nation!!!!