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Boy, oh Boy: Is Walsh fired yet?

As fans we can lament all we want about how the refs screwed us again or how Walter is a statue and even how Jano missed a kick, BUT, the offensive numbers continue to get worse and worse by the week and "The Mayor" is still employed.

I cannot say whether Chris Carr made "every effort to immediately" get back on the field after being run out of bounds by a Bronco blocker. I can say that THAT IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER HEARD THAT CALLED. I can also say that calls like that are uncontrollable by the Raiders players or coaches.

I can say that Fabian Washington was INBOUNDS. I can also say that the visual evidence was definitely borderline and that the Raiders NEVER get borderline calls. I can also put this in the same bag as things that are uncontrollable by the players and coaches and also that Shell was right to challenge it. In a close game that momentum was important, even if the yardage was only a +4 over the net field position.

Now I must touch on the part of the game that we (Actually they, the coaches and players) can control. The offense. In particular managing turnovers and play calling.

I started to look at our offense in perspective over the last 5 seasons.

I told a friend yesterday that we may be witnessing the WORST offensive performance in Raider and NFL History.

I know that NFL History is a bit over the top. Then again when I see that the expansion Houston Texans averaged 13.3 points a game in their inaugural season and that this year's Raider team is averaging only 11.7 points a game there may be something to the All-Time statement.

Here is a look at how the Raiders are doing this year in comparison to the last five years.



28.1 points a game
389 yards a game (110 rushing, 279 passing)

League's Worst Scoring Team:

Houston Texans - 13.3 points a game



16.9 points a game
285 yards a game

Worst Scoring Offense:

Arizona Cardinals - 14.1 points a game



20.0 Points a Game
322 Yards (80.9 Rushing, 241.1 Passing)

Worst scoring Offense:

Chicago Bears - 14.1 Points a Game



18.1 Points a Game
309 Yards a Game

Worst Scoring Offense:

Cleveland - 14.5 Points a Game



11.7 Points a Game
229 Yards a Game (131.1 Passing, 98.6 Rushing)

2nd Worst Scoring Offense:

Tampa Bay - 12.8 Points a Game (250.5 Yards a Game)

Here are even more "Offensive" offensive numbers:

T2 Interceptions thrown w/ 12
#1 sacks allowed w/ 47 (2nd, CLE with 34)
#2 Fumbles w/ 11

Our total giveaways in 2005 were 23!!! We have matched that amount already!!!

Last year we were sacked 45 times!!! We have already passed that # as well!!!

Our QBs were only sacked 30 times in 2004!!!

The worst sacks allowed teams the past two years were Chicago and Houston with 66 & 68 sacks respectively.

This team is tracking 88.6 Sacks allowed and 40 turnovers!!!

Those numbers are mind numbing and boggling.

I will give the D props in another diary, but this one is dedicated to the worst coach in Raider History, not named Billy-Joe Bugel-ahan, Tom Walsh.

Walsh needs to be fired NOW!!!

The numbers speak for themselves.