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Okay: Time For the Pickem'!!!

Home Team on Left, Road team has the spread

SF vs Seattle (-7)
KC vs Raiders (+10)
Dallas vs Indy (-2)
NO vs Cincy (-3 1/2)
CLE vs Pitt (-3 1/2)
Philly vs Tenn (-13)
BALT vs ATL (+4 1/2)
CARO vs St.Louis (-1)
HOU vs Buffalo (+1 1/2)
G Bay vs NE (-6)
T Bay vs Wash (-2)
Jets vs Chi (-6 1/2)
Miami vs Minn (+3 1/2)
AZ vs Det (+2)
DEN vs SD (+3)

Monday Night

Jags vs G-Men (+3)

I am in a steep hole , so I am sure to be picking the spreads again this week!!!

I just put a buck fifty on the Raiders and the 10 points!!!

Remember, it's a +2 bonus for picking the spread, also a minus 2 if you miss!!!