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Let's F'ING DO THIS RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!! (Rated R ((For Raider))): Game Thread

It should come as no shock to the system that I HATE the CHIEFS!!!

From Marty Shot-Up The Ass-En-Heimer to TONY "Raider in 2007" Gonzalez to Andre "In the Corner of the end zone" Rison I Hate those bitches!!!

This is a football BLOG, so if my language is offensive then go ahead and look up a golf BLOG!!!

I am Blogging this game, in it's entirety, hung over and MAD AS HELL!!!!

Those of you who choose to join me, LET'S FUCKING DO THIS!!!!

My sig line "Pride and Poise" stands for a time and day when our SILVER AND BLACK team stood for Perfection. Or, at least as perfect as bodies made from dirt can be.

This team and I are sick of losing~!!! So, Let's Fucking kick these Squaws out of their own house and whip these bitches!!!

I am tired of this losing BS!!!!