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The Pickem' Update:

Devo: 10
RaiderNation: 7
Ice Cream: 4
Jeepers: -2
KaderRaider: -10
Saint: -12

Those were the standings after week one:

Here are the week two performances:

Raider Nation is on a roll with a +11
Bois Showed Up with a +9
Pride debuted with a +7
Devo Stepped off a bit (SEA Let you Down!!!) +5
And I stunk it up against the spread at a flat 0

Luckily for me the only game I bet on covered and I won a hundred bucks on the Raiders!!!

Going into tonight we have these standings:

Raider Nation: +18
Devo: +15
Bois: +13
Pride: +7
Ice Cream: +4
Jeepers: -2
Kader: -10
Saint: -12

All in all it has been a much better week for S&BP. Combined we were +32!!!