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The GYP and TYP Updates:

I have shortened the stats to GYP (Giveaways, Yard, Points) and TYP (Takeaways, Yards Allowed, Points Allowed):

They are NOT pretty, although the defense is really close to being top tier:

The offense, even with Brooks for the past two weeks, continues to perform at a league low level. They score a terrible 94 out of a possible 96 points.

It is a good thing for them that Pitt and CLE cannot hold onto the ball AT ALL, otherwise they would be at a possible worst 96!!!

The defense is doing very well in Yards and Points given up, but they are 24th in takeaways!!!

They will not be an elite unit until they can force more fumbles.

They are actually 6th in the NFL in interceptions with 14, but are dead last in fumble recoveries with only 2...2!!!

Being 7th in yardage allowed and 12th in points allowed is a near miracle with the way the offense has been giving the ball up this year, but the team needs to do some stripping drills in practice. It looks like the tip drill has helped, now let's hope we can start stripping the ball.