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Tom Walsh HAS BEEN fired!!!

IT IS OFFICIAL...UNCLE FLAP JACK HAS BEEN GIVEN THE BOOT!!! is reporting that Tom Walsh has indeed been fired!!!

If this is so, then it is a happy day for all of us Raider Fans!!!

I like Art Shell in his first year. He has the team playing for him and I think that his favoring of Walsh had guys questioning him.

IF, the Walsh chapter is over I expect to see Art "The Badass" Shell for the next 5 games.

I do know that Shoop was the OC for a 13-3 Bears team that went to the playoffs a few years back. Let's hope that he can use the parts that we currently have much better than Mr. Bed and Breakfast.

The happiest players have got to be Brooks, Walter, Moss and Porter.

Let's see if Shoop can reel Randy and Jerry in before the season ends and hopefully have them onboard for next year.

I'd love to have 100% of Randy and Jerry next year and be able to land a RB in the first.

As More news breaks on this I will link more articles and if it turns out that April 1st came twice this year, I'll just have a good long LAUGH!!!

Go Raiders!!!