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There are two O's in Shoop!!!

Now let's hope that the offensive coordinator who worked in Chicago from 2001-03 can bring some O back to Oaktown!!!

Let's use this Thread in order to link stories and stats about Shoop's career and past success and failure.

What I do know about him is that he was the OC for the Bears when they went 13-3 in 2001.

I also know that the Bears were dead last in rushing average in 2002 and improved to 18th in 2003.

Here are some articles:

"Shoop was hired as offensive coordinator in January 2001. He took the job after the Bears won two of three games with him calling plays at the end of the 2000 season. At the time, Shoop was filling in for Gary Crowton, who left to coach at BYU.

Shoop joined the Bears as quarterbacks coach in February 1999 after serving four seasons with the Carolina Panthers. He will continue to work with quarterbacks in addition to his game-planning duties."

This part is not so good:

"Shea was previously the quarterbacks coach of the high-scoring Kansas City Chiefs. His hiring last January had been applauded by Bears fans and players alike, who hoped he would bring excitement to an offense that was characterized as boring under the man he replaced, John Shoop"

He seems to have a simple approach:

His 2001 Mid Season grade was high!!!

"The most successful assistant coaches through the first half of the season:

John Shoop, Bears offensive coordinator. He has overcome multiple injuries and changes at quarterback and the loss of Marcus Robinson, his best receiver, to establish an effective scheme that takes full advantage of the talent on hand. Shoop's success has erased all memories of Gary Crowton's tumultuous reign as coordinator and proves that sometimes the simpler approach is better.

His 2000 Season is earilly similar to to this year. Let's hope that the team has the same succes next year that the Bears did in 2001:

This Entire Article is worth a read

"We just removed any ambiguity that was there before," Shoop said. "We called the routes, and if the guy wasn't open, Shane was moving onto the next guy. [The receivers] didn't have to think about a whole lot, they could just play as fast as they can."

For Shoop, who said he was nervous but decisive, the plan was simple. "You better run the ball and run it effectively to win in the NFL," he said.

Basically, Shoop just listened to an offensive line and running back that had all but begged to run the ball all season.

"Shoop's the kind of guy who you can talk to," said Blake Brockermeyer, "and a guy who will listen to us and say, `OK, go out and do it.' Gary would say OK and sometimes do it and sometimes not."

Besides keeping their defense and Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe off the field (the Bears led in time of possession 37:10-22:50), the Bears did more than just score more offensive touchdowns (three) than they had in the previous 19 quarters (two). They actually were 4-for-4 in scoring inside their opponent's 20-yard-line.

"Finally," said Allen, "we ran the ball inside the red zone. You can break down the film for the year and we [rarely did that]. But Shoop knows what it takes, whether he's young or not.",1,578 3549.story?coll=cs-bears-utility

I would love for him to blossom here, Afterall he was only 31 when he was hired by the Bears, and then 33 when he was fired.

Bear fans seem to think that Shoop is garbage:

"Are they being serious right now? What are they doing over there in Oakland? Obviously they were not watching the Jonathan Quinn experiment a couple years ago. But I guess congrats to our old friend John Shoop! Best of luck to ya over there!"

-Bear Belly from Windy City Gridiron