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Let's Have a Silver & Black Pickem' Contest:

For the rest of the season I'll keep tabs on a weekly "Pickem'" contest.

Here is how it will work:

You get one point for picking the winner of each game.

You can gamble and try and pick the spread on any games you wish. If you are correct, you will get two points...If you are incorrect, you will lose two points.

So, without further ado, let's pickem'!!!

Home                Away            Spread

Niners            Minnesota (-5)        
Seattle           RRRRRAIDERZZ (+7)
St Louis          Kansas City (+2)
Baltimore         Cincinnati (+3)
Giants            Houston (+13)
Jacksonville      Tennessee (+9 1/2)
Washington        Dallas (-3)
Buffalo           Green Bay (+3)
New Orleans       Tampa Bay (+1)
Atlanta           Detroit (+5 1/2)
Chicago           Miami (+13 1/2)
San Diego         Cleveland (+12 1/2)
Pittsburgh        Denver (+3)
New England       Indianapolis (+3)

Start Pickenem'!!! I'll think of some sort of prize for the winner.

A jersey or maybe an autographed photo or something.