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Questions from Seahawk fans:

These questions are being posed to us from, Shrug, the leader of the Fieldgulls Blog.

I like the idea of having us answer these questions. It gives our opponent's fans a look inside for the game ahead. We all know that we know much more about this team than most that report on it!!! Nancy Gay icluded!!!

So, here they are:

Eternal devotion aside, what's the Nation's take on this year's team? What has being a Raider fan been like this year?

Your defense has quietly become surprisingly effective, especially in the last couple of victories, and especially against the pass. What's been the turning point for that unit, and who are the key players?

I have to say Jerry Porter's stance towards the team in the preseason bothered me a lot, just because I don't think any contracted player should be antagonistic with the team that contracted him. Now he's back, and his trade demands and "detrimental conduct" have been shoved aside. Do you have any read on how Porter's feeling now? What do you expect from him for the rest of the season? How did the Raider Nation feel about Porter before he returned in the Pittsburgh game, and how is it now?

I have to ask this next question because I've always wondered: There's some feeling that Al Davis is regarded with the same universal disdain as owners like George Steinbrenner, perhaps even moreso. My dad likes the Raiders, but as far as I know never liked Al Davis. How is Al Davis thought of within the Raider Nation?

Andrew Walter was, at best, an unknown quantity when he got the starting job at QB. How has his development as a starter been progressing?

Some questions from other Field Gull fans...

  • What's wrong with your offense?
  • Why has Marques Tuiasosopo not played yet???
  • Do you believe Lamont Jordan is the future RB for your franchise?
  • How is Robert Gallery doing? I heard that he wasn't doing so hot and was being moved around a bit.
  • How is Huff doing in his first season, and how do you see him in the future?
  • I'm a big fan of Art Shell the player, but I'm not sure about the coach. Is he the guy?