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Shrug Answers My Questions:

Where is Brian Bosworth now?

Mr. Bosworth is resting comfortably and is supposedly "acting" in movies like The Longest Yard. Which is fine with me, to be honest. I'm tired of having to lend the guy money.

How is the team handling losing the Super Bowl? Are the fans still ticked or disheartened?

The Seahawks themselves are handling it fine. I think they've put it in the past -- although having a bunch of injury problems will reset your priorities pretty quickly.

There are still some fans who are probably still pretty pissed off about the whole Super Bowl thing, especially the referees. On Field Gulls earlier this year I complained about a couple of fans who were really stretching it too far -- selling anti-referee promotional items outside Qwest, six months after the game. I didn't think that was really helping anybody get anything accomplished. Now, though, I think most of 'em are over it. (Especially with the Steelers having a trainwreck of a season so far. That's always nice.)

How do you feel about being in the NFC and losing your AFC West rivalries? Who is your rival now?

Everyone seems to have adjusted to the new conference pretty well. I'm sure a lot of longtime fans miss the Broncos and Raiders coming to town once a year, but that's tempered somewhat by the Seahawks now playing for the ... ahem, weaker of the two conferences. The big rivals now are probably the Rams, just because they were probably the strongest team in the NFC West when Seattle joined the other side. Everyone seems to get up for the game when St. Louis comes to town. We also have some rivalries stewing with one or two NFC East teams. There's the Dallas Cowboys, although probably every decent NFC team can justifiably claim the Cowboys as a rival.

We almost had a rivalry against the NY Giants going after last year's overtime win, but when the Giants came back to Seattle in '06 it wasn't even a close contest. But the Giants seem to have righted their ship and could be going to the playoffs, so maybe that'll happen again.