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Raiders vs Seattle: MONDAY NIGHT BABY!!!!!!!

Here is the open thread for tonight's journey back in time to the former AFC West!!!!

I am here at La Estrellita on the South Lake side of Oakland.

It is a beautiful night here in Oakland. 70 degrees and the $2.50 Beers are flowing!!!!!

My keys to the game are going to center around Robert Gallery and our defensive line.

How #76, 56 and 99 go, so will this team!!!!

Moe is here with me and his keys to the game are:

  1. The Offensive Line Holding Out
  2. Randy Moss running complete routes
  3. The running backs hitting the hole
Tim is also here with me and his keys are:
  1. The Offensive Line
  2. Andrew Walter has to get going
  3. The defense has to keep up with thier recent success
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!???????????????