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Walter Gave Up: The Wrap Version 1

He has jumped on board with Randy, Aaron and Jerry.

This game was an absolute embarassment.

Tom Walsh needs to be a good friend to Art Shell and step down. He is an embarassment to the organization and he will get Art fired if he does not pack his bags and go back to the B & B.

The game has passed him by and he has lost the team.

Walter has given up and is tired of being sacked at a record setting pace.

I quit playing football after getting beat up (sacked) on 5 consecutive plays from scrimmage my Freshman year at SLZ. Being sacked when you have no chance is the most deflating feeling a QB can have.

I could see it in his eyes. He is done, as Brooks was before him.

All who saw this abomination of the Raider Nation do not need to hear anymore about how Randy is running half speed and how the O Line is a mess and how Tom Walsh is a Middle School OC who writes his plays with syrup on pancakes. No, what we need to talk about is how the defense bent under the pressure of the game and did not bend.

Seneca is a good QB who would probably start for us at this point. He took what the defense gave him and did not turn the ball over at all.

The Seahawks defensive and offensive game plan was perfect.

They took care of the ball and matched up thier defense to take on our offense to perfection.

9 more sacks rained down on the destitute O-Line and SEattle had thier day at our expense.

I'm over it now!!!

(Phew...Now I exhale and set my sights on the Broncos who come to town on Sunday.)

The next goal for us is to win a Division game.

You will notice a new poll which should be fun this week!!! :)