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These Numbers Drive Me Crazy: (Fire Walsh)

How is it that per rush you outgain your pass attack by 1.4 yards per attempt, yet, you pass the ball 35 times and only run it 13?

Raiders Passing:

16-35 for 121 yards (44 of which were when the game was over)

Disregarding the last drive Walter was 12-30 for 77 yards.

Jordan had a grand total of 9 carries for 63 yards.

Crockett got one whole carry.

Fargas had one whole carry as well.

Now taking a look at this and knowing that we allowed 9 sacks for a minus 45 yards, don't you think we should have run more in a two score game?

This was a two score game until the final two minutes!!!!!!!

There is no excuse for this complete disfunction!!!

Walsh needs to go and he needs to go now!!!