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Open Thread: Bengals vs Raiders!!!!

This is a week that offers much intrigue for the fans of the Silver and Black!!!

First and foremost we get to see our defense out on the field against Chad Johnson and Company!!!

2006 has been a fun year for me because of the defense. In recent years the entire team was mediocre to terrible. A Healthy Sapp and a strong draft combined with improving 2nd and 3rd year players have joined Burgess to make one of the most dominant defenses we have had since we returned from Los Angeles.

Another thing to watch is how McQuistan does on the O-Line. He will be a key to our 2007 success if he has improved as much as Shell says he has.

Finally, I am stoked to see how this team attacks a poor defense with Shoop in his second week as OC.

Last week we should have racked up 400 yards, easily, but 5 turnovers against the team with the least takeaways in the AFC killed our offensive momentum.

For a guy who Bears fans claimed had no imagination he did call a reverse pass to the RB, that unfortunately Fargas dropped.

I would love to see us win and get the defense some more of they credit that they deserve.

I am not in the "lose so that we can get a better draft pick" loser camp. I believe that this team needs to win out in order to be more together next year. I am looking for some hope!!!

Besides, Marshawn will be available when we pick anyways!!!! :)