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Notes At The Half:

Man, if it was never evident that momentum plays the largest role in football games today's first half has provided a case study for all who watched it.

First, the Raiders grab momentum with a fantastic pick by Nnamdi and had the ball on the Cincy 40 yard line.

On the very next play the ball was complete to Whitted for what should have been Raider ball at the 30...But, here came the defenses worst nightmare...he laid it on the turf and to a man the D had to be saying, "WHEN WILL THIS BULLSHIT END?"

They can say that they do not pay any mind to the offenses putrid performance, but that is a lie.

Two trunovers and two Cincy youchdowns later the Raiders looked defeated until Nnamdi MADE some momentum for the Raiders.

His one handed grab is easily his most impressive pick of the year.

The team desperately needed that. It came on a drive when Sapp had shown that he'd given up by hitting Palmer late and extending what, if it would have ended in a touchdown, would have been the KO punch.

So, here we sit, down 14-3 and getting the ball back to start the second half.

Quick Notes:

After seeing that the corners were indeed shut down the Bengals tore the team apart by going over the middle. We will need to have the middle of the defense step up if we are to win this game.

I thought the OC for the Bengals did a great job of going after Poole early in game, but he is polaying with fire when he goes after Nnamdi or Fab.

Fargas is running hard today and getting tough yards and it looks like McQuistan in holding his own at Left Guard.

Moss is out, so let's see Curry step up!!!

I still want AW in there...But as long as he is in there, Go Brooks!!!