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Keepers and Shakers for 07:

I am doing some contemplation here and am really breaking down why this team is not winning and what parts should be a part of the whole.

Let's start with the offensive side of the ball.


Keeper - AW

AW is the only QB to win a game for us this year. Plain and simple. By following the Raider motto, "Just Win Baby", Andrew has "Just Won".

I am getting ticked that he is not starting at this point!!!

Shakers - Brooks AND Tui

I wonder if we could get a 7th rounder for each of them?

Brooks has been a HUGE disappointment for me. He is completely inconsistent and as inaccurate a QB as you'll find in the NFL. The guy can't even hit a wide open receiver from 15 feet away!!!

Tui, just needs to go. He can be replaced by Leak or someone of that quality. In fact, Leak may be a sleeper in this draft.

If we can dump Brooks and Tui and draft Leak and sign Plummer/Warner we should be reloaded with some better parts than we currently have.

The QB position will not be perfect, but it WILL be improving.


Keepers - Jordan/Fargas/Crockett/Lee

Jordan is a serviceable back and I am pretty sure that we will not be able to move him. So, with that being said he will be able to carry the load for the first few games while Lynch cuts his baby teeth in the NFL.

Fargas is a good change of pace back that needs to be used on more draws and screens, not to mention passes in the flat.

Crockett is one of the best short yardage runners in the NFL and that is irreplaceable.

Lee has shown that he is good on special teams and as a fourth option.

Marshawn needs to be drafted!!!!

Wide Outs:

Keepers - Curry/Francis/Morant

Ronald Curry has the ability to be a special receiver in this league. He has an incredible blend of toughness, fluidity, speed and hands that can make him a THE receiver in this scheme.

Francis and Morant are projects that I am hoping are ready in 2007.

We will need to draft Calvin Johnson with the 1st pick and sign a possesion receiver, Drew Bennett, in order to replace the players on the Shaker list.

Shakers - Whited, Moss, Porter

I am hoping that these players can net us some picks. And I am REALLY hoping that we can trade those picks in combination with other picks to get a first rounder to compliment our first rounder.

There is a TON of offensive talent in this first round!!!

I really want a Lynch/Johnson combo in the first round!!!

Imagaine what our record would be with Porter and Moss being in a system that takes advantage of thier abilities!!!???

The truth is that it is WAY too late and it is time to let these ingrates go on thier happy ways elsewhere.


Keepers - Gallery, McQuistan, Boothe, Grove, Badger, Morris, Hulsey

That is a VERY talented and VERY young O-Line that will need a solid vet to come in and balance them out.

My dream is for a Wiz type of signing. I would love for a "Bad Man" to come in and set the tone for these kids.

I am most intrigued by McQuistan. He looked somewhere between capable and dominant against the Bengals. On a few plays he'd blown his guy so far off of the line that the pocket was 4 yards behind him and he was pancaking somebody. I can see why Art is so impressed with his improvement.

Shakers - Walker, Slaughter, Maybe Sims

I have had enough of Langston Walker's failed promise to last for 10 years. He is slow and incapable. I think that he may be just a tad ahead of Vernon Davis in the IQ department as well.

Being that he is from Oakland and graduated from Cal I have pulled for him since he was drafted in the 2nd round 5 Years ago.

The thing is that he is now 27 and should be getting better, not regressing. Maybe we can ship him off for a third rounder?

It would be tough to say fairwell to Barry Sims as he is the only real vet on this team that has been here since 1998. He gives his all and is the closest thing we will have to a veteran leader if we cannot sign a 32 year old OL stud.

Chad has the perfect last name for someone who gets his QB decapitated on a weekly basis. Slaughter has been a weakness on this team and I will not mind NOT seeing him play again.


Keeper - Madsen

Madsen may develop into a pretty good receiving TE. He lacks the size that is needed to be a true blocking TE, so we will need to draft or sign a Stud TE because the top 2 on the depth chart STINK!!!

Shakers - Courtney "Footsteps" Alexander and Randal "Fumbleitis" Williams

One has the look and body of a TE, but is affraid of mice and the other tries to play like he has a big body and just coughs the ball up too much.

::::::::Tony Gonzales::::::::Please::::::

Well, that is my take for now and it looks to me like the biggest needs in the draft will be a WR, RB and TE...In that order!!!

Cheers!!! And Go Raiders!!!!