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Walter Should Be Starting the Last Three Games:

Andrew Walter has gotten one snap since he insulted Art Shell's buddy Tom Walsh.

Sure, his numbers on the year are terrible!!! He was sacked 41 Times and he threw only 3 TD's against 9 INT's.

He is ranked at the bottom of the League in Passer rating at 55, which is a bit over half of Drew Brees's 101 and a full 10.7 points lower than the 2nd lowest passer in the League, Vince Young.

Oops, check that, he is actually 9.2 points below the 2nd worst passer rating in the League...That would be Aaron Brooks with a 64.2 rating.

Brooks has 3 TD's against 6 INT's and is still starting. Help me out here Raider Nation. How is that possible?

It has been reported that Art Shell thinks that Brooks gives the team the best chance to win. I agree with that except for the fact that he hasn't won YET and throws picks at the worst times possible.

It has also been reported that the Raiders want to see if he is worth a 5 million dollar roster bonus.

I can answer that right now...NO...EMPHATICALLY, NO!!!

What should be important is getting Andrew Walter VERY Valuable playing time, especially with Gallery coming back and having McQuistan stepping up at Left Guard.

We need to see if Andrew can get it done next year. If not, we will need to pick up a QB in the off-season by either trade, draft or free agency.

There is no reason NOT to play the only QB who has a win this year.

There is no reason to shelve our potential QB of the future.

I mean, isn't Walter the reason we passed on Leinart?

It would be VERY Un-Raiderlike to see Brooks benched so late in the week, so at the earliest I HOPE we get to see Walter against the Chiefs.

Go Raiders!!!