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A Moment of Silence for, The Heart of the Oakland Raiders, George "Run Run" Jones:

Buried deep within the Raiders news I found that "Run Run" passed away from a heart attack on Saturday at the Raider practice facility.

In fact, a Google search for him only produces a few tidbits of a life that brought sunshine to us all.

A search for George "Run Run" Jones Raiders produced as it's headline..."Jackson Runs over Raiders"...Ouch.

Here is a short piece from the Merc:

"He responded to the numerous greetings with his customary, ``How you doing, handsome,'' even to those he knew for years. He also stood out by waving a white towel on the sideline of home games to exhort the McAfee Coliseum crowd and with his penchant for wearing one or more of his three Super Bowl rings."

Let's use this thread to share our thoughts on "Run Run".

They observed a moment of silence for his yesterday and I think that all of us who knew him and knew of him should do the same as we reflect on the man who was one of the last links to the "Greatness" of the Oakland Raiders.

George "Run Run" Jones, was a figure that you would always see on the sidelines in shorts, even if it was 50 degrees outside.

He was, in title, only a clubhouse assistant. But his presence in Raider-Town was as big as the Offensive Coordinator.

This is an excerpt from an article earlier in the year about the Raider Fanfest:

"After Shell and Raider alumni/coaches Willie Brown and Fred Biletnikoff, the biggest cheers were reserved for wide receiver Randy Moss, defensive tackle Warren Sapp, running backs Zack Crockett and LaMont Jordan and -- of course -- longtime Raiders clubhouse assistant George "Run Run" Jones."

As fans we loved cheering for the underdog spirit that was "Run Run".

A look at the Raiders Depth Chart will show him as third on the Football staff...Ahead of even H Rod Martin!!!

Al Davis loved Run Run and I know that I will miss seeing him on the sidelines.

On Saturday we lost a good man in Raider Nation. Atleast he got to go out in the place he loved and with the team that was his passion.

God Speed Run Run!!!