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King Al Davis Granted an Interview Yesterday:

In a very rare appearance, "King Al", addressed everything from, "Run Run", to his displeasure with Doug Gabriel.

This is a must see clip.

His eyes light up when he talks about the ovation that, "Run Run", received.

For those of you who do not know the story of, "Run Run", this video will give you a glimpse of his life through Al's eyes. From being a Roller Derbist to the Raider's biggest cheerleader, "Run Run", was a fixture in the Bay Area for 5 decades.

King Al's piss and vinegar is also on display as he drops an "F" bomb and talks about how "maybe they got it right" when they let Gabriel go to new England. He was ticked that Doug failed to get out of bounds on the last play.

So, without further ado..."King Al"!!!